Venu Gopal Sharma

Sennheiser Accentum Plus headphones

Sennheiser Accentum Plus redefines audio with unrivaled sonic brilliance. 

Comfort Beyond Limits 

Soft cushions, ergonomic design - a comfort journey like never before 

ANC Magic Unleashed 

Immerse in pure sound, courtesy of Sennheiser's Adaptive Noise Cancellation. 

50 Hours, Endless Beats 

Uninterrupted playtime, a testament to Sennheiser's lasting power. 

Touch & Feel the Music: 

Intuitive touch controls for a seamless, tactile music experience. 

Call Clarity Redefined: 

Dual-microphone beamforming - making calls crystal clear and natural. 

Swift Power Boost: 

A mere 10 minutes charge for 5 hours of Sennheiser music bliss. 

Tech Harmony Unleashed: 

Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity - Sennheiser weaves a seamless tech symphony.