OneXPlayer X1 Handheld Gaming Console 

OneXPlayer X1 boasts a 10.95-inch 2.5K screen for vivid gaming visuals.

Experience peak performance with Intel Core Ultra processors. 

Intel Powerhouse 

Versatile Configurations

Customize RAM, storage, and GPU for your ideal gaming setup.

Efficient Cooling:

Stay cool during intense gaming sessions with advanced thermal solutions.

Harman-certified dual speakers deliver thunderous, immersive sound. 

Immersive Audio 

Gamer Choice

OneXPlayer X1 Handheld Gaming Console Configuration

Gaming Experiance

Global Availability

OneXPlayer X1 goes global, providing access to gamers worldwide.

Extended Battery Life

Enjoy hours of gameplay with a robust 16890mAh battery.

Quick Charging

Recharge swiftly with the 100W gallium nitride charger for minimal downtime.