Is it worth changing iPhone 13 Pro to 15 Pro? 

By: Daily Updates Pro

iPhone 15 Pro have a new design with a smaller notch and a titanium frame.

iPhone 13 Pro has a stainless steel frame and a larger notch.

Both phones have OLED displays and support 120Hz refresh rate and features 6.1 screen size.

iPhone 13 Pro has a triple camera setup with 12MP sensors, while iPhone 15 Pro also have triple camera setup with 48MP sensor.

iPhone 15 Pro powered by Apple A17 Pro chipset while the 13 Pro has Apple A15 Bionic chipset.

iPhone 15 Pro have big 3274mAh battery backup whereas in the iPhone 13 Pro has 3095mAH battery.

Both have 5G connectivity and run on iOS 17.1.

iPhone 15 Pro is more expensive than iPhone 13 Pro smartphone.

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