Google Pixel 7 vs Google Pixel 8: Specs, Best Camera, And More

Pixel 7 has 6.3" 90Hz AMOLED display while the Pixel 8 has 6.2" 120Hz OLED display.

Both phones have a similar resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels.

Google Pixel 8 has more powerful processor, with Google Tensor G2 chipset compared to Pixel 7 Google Tensor G3 Processor.

Google Pixel 7 has 50MP primary and 10.8MP front camera compared to Pixel 8 50MP primary and 10.5MP front camera.

Google Pixel 8 houses more 4575 mAh battery compared to Pixel 7 has 4575 mAh battery backup

Google Pixel 8 has a faster charging speed, with 27W & 18w wireless compared to Google Pixel 7 20W & 20w wireless.

Both phones have similar storage options, with the Pixel 8 having 128GB or 256GB storage space.

Google Pixel 8 is slightly lighter than Google Pixel 7, with 197g compared to 187g.

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