AYANEO Flip KB Full-Keyboard Power in Handheld Gaming

AYANEO Flip KB redefines gaming with a full keyboard experience on-the-go.

Keyboard Prowess 

Experience innovation with AYANEO's damping hinge flip design, allowing 180° unfolding.

Dynamic Design 

Dive into gaming thrills with a vibrant 7" 120Hz display on AYANEO Flip KB.

Visual Splendor 

AYANEO Flip KB, powered by Ryzen 7 7840U, delivers a gaming powerhouse.

AMD Dominance 

Tactile switches, Hall-sensing joysticks - AYANEO Flip KB prioritizes precise gaming.

Precision Controls 

X-Axis Linear Motor, Gyroscope - AYANEO Flip KB elevates gameplay immersion.

Immersive Tech 

AYANEO Flip KB boasts USB4 & PCIe 4.0 SSD support for future-ready gaming.

Connectivity Excellence 

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