Palworld Review: A Pokemon Dream Come True in 2023

Discover why Palworld, an Early Access game, has become a gaming sensation. Despite its unfinished state, it offers unparalleled fun and innovation. Read on to explore how Palworld fulfills a Pokemon dream that’s been alive since 1999.

Palworld's Rapid Rise and Pokémon Copyright Controversy
Palworld Review: A Pokemon Dream Come True in 2023

The Pokemon Void Since 1999:

Palworld fills a gap that Pokemon games failed to address since 1999. The excitement of Pokemon Snap and Stadium never materialized into the immersive 3D experience players anticipated. Palworld steps in with dynamic gameplay, merging monster collection, base-building survival, and open-world exploration.

The Palworld Experience:

Despite unconventional monster designs, Palworld captivates players with active combat participation. Engage in real-time battles and witness your trained Pals take on enemies, creating a unique and immersive experience. The game’s base management, though basic, appeals to non-survival players, offering a diverse range of difficulty options for a customizable adventure.

Faleris in Palworld

Growth and Attachment:

Palworld introduces a new level of attachment to your Pals. While the option to “abuse” them for headlines exists, building a happy, functional Pal base and fighting team is more rewarding. The game’s limitations, such as an unfinished open world and lacking story elements, fade in comparison to the joy it already provides.

Legendary Pals

Technical Marvel vs. Pokemon:

Palworld stands out with action-oriented gameplay within Unreal Engine 5, surpassing recent Pokemon games on the Switch. Despite its small team and limited budget, Palworld competes with a 25-year classic, showcasing the potential for success. The future hinges on the team’s ability to address issues and expand content, but even in its current state, Palworld is a remarkable success story.

Palworld, with its unexpected success, has redefined expectations for indie games. While challenges remain, the joy and innovation it brings make it a standout title. Dive into the captivating world of Palworld and witness the evolution of monster-collecting games.

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