Palworld Breaks Records: Microsoft Highlights Success on Game Pass

Palworld, the unique “Pokémon with guns” game, has achieved remarkable success since its Early Access launch on January 19. Selling a whopping 19 million copies, the game has become the biggest third-party launch on Game Pass, with Microsoft lauding its popularity on Xbox platforms.

Palworld Breaks Records

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Palworld Breaks Records
Palworld Breaks Records

Palworld’s Sales Triumph:

Developer Pocketpair reports impressive sales, with 12 million copies on Steam and seven million on Xbox. Recognized for its humorous take on Pokémon, Palworld’s quirky blend of battles, satire, and social commentary has resonated with players globally.

Microsoft’s Recognition:

Microsoft highlights Palworld as the largest third-party launch on Game Pass, emphasizing its significant presence on Xbox Cloud Gaming. Boasting nearly three million daily active users on Xbox, the game has become a standout title, holding the top position on Xbox platforms.

Faleris in Palworld
Microsoft Game Pass record

Unique Gameplay and Social Commentary:

Palworld, while drawing inspiration from Pokémon, adds a twist with social commentary and unconventional themes like labor exploitation. The game’s blend of satire and unique features has sparked interest, despite mixed early reviews.

Ongoing Development and Support:

Pocketpair is committed to refining Palworld during its Early Access phase, addressing player feedback, and incorporating requested features like cross-play. Microsoft’s support includes dedicated servers and optimization assistance, indicating a promising future for the game.

Palworld Success Highlights

PlatformCopies Sold (Millions)Noteworthy Achievements
Steam12Viral “Pokémon with guns” concept, mixed reviews
Xbox7Largest third-party Game Pass launch, top game on Xbox platforms
Palworld sales statistics

Palworld’s unprecedented success on Game Pass and Xbox platforms marks a significant milestone for the gaming community. As PocketPair continues to enhance the game, players can expect an even more engaging and polished experience. Dive into the world of Palworld, available for $30 in Early Access and included in Game Pass on Xbox and PC.

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