Finding and Breeding Jetragon in Palworld | How to Breed Jetragon Palworld: Ultimate Guide

Are you ready to add a formidable dragon to your Palworld team? Jetragon is a sought-after mount with incredible strength and abilities. Learn how to locate, capture, and breed this majestic Pal with our comprehensive guide.

Finding and Breeding Jetragon in Palworld | How to Breed Jetragon Palworld
Finding and Breeding Jetragon in Palworld

Finding Jetragon in Palworld:

Jetragon roams exclusively in the volcanic region of Ruined Fortress City of Mount Obsidian. Accessible north of the Beach of Everlasting Summer teleport point, scaling the walls with an upgraded Grappling Gun is the quickest route to reach this territory.

Capturing Jetragon:

Prepare for a challenging encounter when facing Jetragon, known for its swift and powerful attacks. Equip your character with top-tier weapons, armor, Legendary, and Ultra spheres. Given Jetragon’s weakness to Ice types, bolster your team with resilient Ice Pals like Chillet and Frostallion to inflict extra damage while resisting Dragon attacks.

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How to Breed Jetragon in Palworld

Breeding Jetragon:

Once Jetragon joins your team, leverage its power to expand your Pal collection through breeding. Explore these recommended breeding combinations to unlock potent Pals:

  1. Jetragon + Gorirat = Anubis
  2. Jetragon + Beegarde = Anubis
  3. Jetragon + Grintale = Mammorest
  4. Jetragon + Frostallion = Cryolinx
  5. Jetragon + Jormuntide = Helzephyr
  6. Jetragon + Broncherry = Wumbo Botan
  7. Jetragon + Grizzbolt = Astegon

For an even mightier Jetragon, breed two Jetragons with impressive stats. After securing a pair, assign them to a Breeding farm with Cake. Once the Egg is produced, place it into an Incubator to hatch another Jetragon for your roster.

Legendary Pals
Breeding Jetragon in Palworld

While the breeding process may be lengthy, the payoff is a growing army of Jetragons. Remember these battle tips for success:

  • Assemble a Level 50 squad
  • Equip Legendary Spheres for added strength
  • Utilize Ice Pals to exploit Jetragon’s weakness
Finding LocationRuined Fortress City of Mount Obsidian
WeaknessIce types
Recommended PalsChillet, Frostallion
Breeding CombinationsGorirat, Beegarde, Grintale, Frostallion…
EquipmentLegendary Spheres

With persistence and strategic planning, you’ll soon dominate the Palworld arena with your formidable Jetragon team!

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