How to get Fiber in Palworld|Palworld Fiber: A Comprehensive Guide

Embark on a journey of resource gathering in Palworld with this detailed guide on obtaining the elusive Fiber. Uncover the secrets of this essential material to progress and build in the game.

Palworld’s immersive setting, coupled with refined mechanics, has captivated players worldwide. As you dive into this adventure, mastering the art of gathering Fiber is crucial for your success.

Where to Find Fiber in Palworld:

To find the fiber or how to get fiber in Palworld check below.

Mastering Fiber Collection in Palworld: A Comprehensive Guide
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  1. Tree Harvesting: Use an axe to dismantle trees and collect not only wood but also a decent amount of Fiber.
  2. Crusher Transformation: Convert extra wood into Fiber by utilizing the Crusher. Learn how to unlock and operate this essential technology.
  3. Pals Drop Fiber: Engage with the elusive Hoocrates and Hangyu Pals, who drop Fiber when defeated or captured. Navigate the challenges and risks associated with these encounters.

Unlocking the Crusher:

Mastering Fiber Collection in Palworld: A Comprehensive Guide
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Discover the key to unlocking the Crusher technology at Level 8. Gather the required resources, including 40 Wood, 20 Stone, and 10 Paldium fragments. Make informed decisions to optimize your gameplay and progression.

Finding Hoocrates and Hangyu:

Mastering Fiber Collection in Palworld: A Comprehensive Guide
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Navigate the dark realm to encounter Hoocrates, a nocturnal Dark Type Pal. Be cautious when capturing, as they often roam in groups, posing a threat to both you and your Pal. Explore strategic locations for a successful encounter.

Hangyu, a rare Ground Type Pal, boasts valuable traits like Handiwork, Gathering, and Transporting. Obtain Hangyu by hatching rocky eggs or capturing them in the wild. Explore specific late-game locations for optimal results.

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Palworld Fiber Collection Guide

Tree HarvestingUse axe on trees for wood and Fiber
Crusher TransformationConvert wood to Fiber with the Crusher
Pals Drop FiberDefeat or capture Hoocrates and Hangyu
Unlocking CrusherReach Level 8, gather resources, and unlock Crusher

Enhance your Palworld experience by mastering Fiber collection techniques. Unlock the Crusher, brave encounters with Pals, and strategically gather resources to thrive in this captivating gaming universe. Happy exploring!


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