Mastering Fabric in Enshrouded: A Comprehensive Guide

Embark on a journey to acquire Fabric in Enshrouded with our detailed guide. Uncover the secrets of crafting this essential material for armor upgrades and base decorations. Learn effective strategies and tips for a seamless Fabric collection experience.

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Fabric in Enshrouded

Where to Find Fabric in Enshrouded:

  1. Crafting Method: Obtain Fabric through crafting at the Loom, a resource-intensive but primary method.
  2. Looting Method: Passively acquire Fabric by looting destructible and chests in Kindlewastes, a method competing with end-game resource materials.
Fabric in Enshrouded

How to Get the Loom and Craft Fabric:

  1. Initiate the Quest: Receive the Loom quest from the Hunter in Nomad Highlands.
  2. Locate East Lapis: Head northwest from Kindlewastes Tower or navigate through Nomad Highlands to reach East Lapis.
  3. Weaver’s Cottage: Enter the large building on the west side of town, Weaver’s Cottage, to find the Loom inside a cave.
  4. Crafting Fabric: Place the acquired Loom in your base, unlocking the Fabric crafting recipe. Utilize five Linen per Fabric craft.

Pro Tip: Optimize Fabric production by following recommended Flax Farms, converting flax into seeds, and utilizing fertilized soil for accelerated crop growth.

Alternative Method to Acquire Fabric:

  1. Smashing Lootables: Explore Sun Temples, Flame Sanctums, Shrines, and Kindlewastes Tower to smash vases and lootables for potential Fabric.

Using Fabric:

Using Fabric for Padding
Padding in Enshrouded
  1. Craft Padding: Fabric is crucial for crafting Padding, an essential material for end-game armor sets. Utilize 1-5 pieces of padding per armor piece, emphasizing the importance of Fabric in your crafting journey.

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LootingFind Fabric in Kindlewastes lootables

Enhance your Enshrouded experience by mastering Fabric collection techniques. Follow our guide to navigate the resource-intensive process and craft high-quality armor for ultimate in-game success. Happy crafting!

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