Enshrouded Guide: Where to Find Yucca Fruit in Enshrouded | Comprehensive guide to find Yucca Fruit

Discovering Yucca Fruit in Enshrouded can be a game-changer for survival. Learn where to locate this valuable resource and enhance your gameplay.

Enshrouded Guide

Yucca Fruit is a vital consumable in Enshrouded, offering health regeneration and stamina recharge benefits. Here’s how to find it and make the most of its uses.

Enshrouded Guide: Where to Find Yucca Fruit
Enshrouded Guide: Where to Find Yucca Fruit (Image by theGameCrater)

Where to Find Yucca Fruit:

Explore the Kindlewastes biome in the late-game desert area to find clusters of Palm Trees. These trees stand out with their thick brown trunks and palm-like leaves. While cutting them down, collect Yucca Fruit along with Palm Wood and Resin.

Tips for Finding Yucca Fruit:

Upgrade your gear and weapons before venturing into the Kindlewastes to ensure preparedness. Keep an eye on your axe’s durability as cutting down trees reduces it. Aim to gather 40 Yucca Fruits to upgrade your Flame Level to 6 or stockpile them for future use.

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Enshrouded Guide

Benefits of Yucca Fruit:

When consumed, Yucca Fruit provides +2 Health Regeneration and +1 Stamina Recharge for 25 minutes. Incorporate it into recipes for enhanced benefits, bolstering your survival odds in Enshrouded.

While Yucca Fruit is invaluable in Enshrouded, it can’t be planted, so continuous exploration and tree chopping are necessary for a steady supply. Stay vigilant, gather resources, and maximize the benefits of Yucca Fruit for a successful survival journey in Enshrouded.

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