Enshrouded Oil Recipe and Best Crafting Tips in Enshrouded

In the mysterious world of Enshrouded, crafting essential items like Ghost Gliders, Huge Magic Chests, and Lightning Channels requires Enshrouded Oil. However, unlocking the recipe for this crucial ingredient is not straightforward, leaving many players puzzled. In this guide, we’ll shed light on how to unlock and craft Enshrouded Oil, ensuring you no longer have to navigate blindly through the game.

Enshrouded Oil Recipe (Image by Gamepressure)

Unlocking Enshrouded Oil Recipe:

The key to unlocking the Enshrouded Oil recipe lies in rescuing the Alchemist, who can be found at the Ancient Vault location. To reach this location, glide west from the Ancient Spire – Springlands waypoint. Once you’ve rescued the Alchemist, you can build the Laboratory and grind Charcoal at the Grinding Stone to obtain Coal Powder. The recipe for Enshrouded Oil will only become available once you have the Coal Powder in your inventory.

Crafting Enshrouded Oil:

To craft 50 Enshrouded Oil, gather the following ingredients:

  • 5 Shroud Spores
  • 5 Coal Powder
  • 5 Shroud Liquid
  • 1 Sulfur

Unlocking More Arrows and a Bigger Backpack:

In Enshrouded, rescuing NPCs known as Survivors enhances your crafting capabilities. One particularly useful Survivor is the Hunter, who can be summoned from the Ancient Vault. To reach the Ancient Vault, use your Glider from the Springlands Ancient Spire waypoint and head east towards a tall, dark tower.

Hunter Survivor in Enshrouded (Image by Gamepressure)

Upon reaching the Ancient Vault and rescuing the Hunter, you unlock the Drying Rack and the ability to obtain Dried Fur. This Survivor enables you to craft various types of arrows for enhanced damage and a Small Backpack for additional inventory slots.

Enshrouded (Image by Gamepressure)

Crafting Arrows and Backpack:

Summon the Hunter to craft the following arrows:

  • Scrap Arrows (bundle of 50) with 20 Twigs and 10 Metal Scraps.
  • Flare Arrows (bundle of 10) with 10 Flint Arrows, 1 Wood Acid, and 2 Resin.

Additionally, the Hunter allows you to craft the Small Backpack, providing 8 extra inventory slots. The Small Backpack requires 3 Torn Cloth, 4 Dried Fur, and 5 Strings.

Enshrouded Oil (50)5 Shroud Spores, 5 Coal Powder, 5 Shroud Liquid, 1 Sulfur
Scrap Arrows (50)20 Twigs, 10 Metal Scraps
Flare Arrows (10)10 Flint Arrows, 1 Wood Acid, 2 Resin
Small Backpack (8 slots)3 Torn Cloth, 4 Dried Fur, 5 String

Mastering Enshrouded’s crafting system involves strategic NPC rescues and resource gathering. Unlock the Enshrouded Oil recipe by rescuing the Alchemist, and broaden your crafting possibilities by bringing the Hunter into your base. With these insights, you’ll navigate Enshrouded’s challenges with confidence, armed with essential recipes and crafting knowledge.

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