How to Clean MacBook Air Screen without Streaks

Cleaning a Macbook without damaging the screen is a tough job, but you can check and follow the step-by-step simple guide so you can clean the Macbook Air screen without streaks. 

To clean to Mac you need to be gentle while cleaning the Macbook with the right material and gentle touch. So let’s start the guide.

Clean MacBook Air Screen without Streaks

How to Clean MacBook Air Screen without Streaks
Clean MacBook Air Screen without Streaks

Power off MacBook Air 

Our first step is to turn the power off the Macbook Air completely which would help to prevent any accidental damage. 

Why is important to power off the Mac? Because if we do without power off we taking a chance of damaging the Mac.

Prepare a Cleaning Solution to clean MacBook Air

The next step is to prepare a cleaning solution. You can gather the below items to prepare a cleaning solution.

  • Normal cleaning solution
  • Distilled water
  • White Vinegar or Pre-made screen cleaning solution

Once you gather this all, Mix the cleaning solution 30% with Distilled water 50% and White vinegar and mix it for a while and your cleaning solution is ready. Or you can use a pre-made screen cleaning solution.

But don’t use an alcohol-based solution as they can damage the screen’s coating of mac air

How to Clean MacBook Air Screen without Streaks
Clean MacBook Air Screen without Streaks

Microfiber Cloth or Dampen Cloth

Use the Microfiber Cloth or Dampen Cloth if you do not find any you can use the Cloth which you get with your glass frames. Use a cloth with a cleaning solution but make sure the cloth does not drip wet, just slightly damp.

Wipe Gently

This step is important make sure to wipe the screen in a circular motion and be gentle if you are hard while cleaning the screen you may face or see black spots on your screen so do it in a gentle manner or else excessive pressure can damage the screen.

We suggest starting with the corner of the screen and working your way across the entire screen of the Macbook Air.

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Clean MacBook Air Screen without Streaks

Dry Your Macbook with a Dry Cloth

After wiping the Mac use the dry Damp cloth or microfiber cloth to dry the MacBook Air screen. If you find any leaving streaks use a light and gentle touch to prevent them.

Check for Streaks on the MacBook Air

Check for streaks on the screen or spots on the Mac. If you notice any, lightly dampen a clean portion of the microfiber cloth with distilled water and gently wipe the affected areas. Then, dry the screen again with a dry cloth.

Allow to Air Dry your MacBook

After checking and wiping leave your Macbook Air in the Open air so it can dry completely before turning it back on. You can leave your Mac from 1 to 1.5 hours.

Note: Avoid using chemicals, paper towels, or abrasive material, as they can scratch or damage the screen. Additionally, never spray cleaning solution directly onto the screen, as it can seep into the edges and cause damage to internal components.

Clean MacBook Air Screen

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