VXE Launched VXE ATK75 eSports-grade Gaming Keyboard in China at 799 Yuan ($112)

Exciting news for gamers! VXE has unveiled the ATK75 gaming keyboard tailored for enthusiasts, priced at 799 Yuan ($112) in China. Dive into the key features of this esports-grade marvel.

VXE ATK75 Gaming Keyboard

VXE ATK75 Keyboard Features

LayoutCompact 75%
SwitchesSecond-gen Kailh Magnetic Switches (150M presses)
ConstructionCNC Anodized Aluminum Alloy, PBT Translucent Keycaps, Gasket Structure
CustomizationV HUB Software, 16M Color RGB Lighting
Noise ReductionGasket Structure, Sound-dampening Fillings, Multi-layer Noise Reduction
CompatibilityWindows, MacOS
Price799 Yuan ($112)

VXE ATK75 Keyboard Specifications:

Designed with a compact 75% layout, the ATK75 ensures a space-efficient design without compromising essential gaming keys. Featuring second-gen Kailh magnetic switches, known for durability and responsiveness with a lifespan of up to 150 million presses. Customize trigger range from 0.1mm to 4.0mm, offering 40 stages to match diverse gaming styles.

Constructed with a CNC anodized aluminum alloy top cover and positioning plate, the ATK75 exudes sturdiness and premium quality. PBT translucent keycaps resist oil stains, ensuring long-lasting aesthetics. The RGB lighting effects, transmitted through these keycaps, enhance the visual appeal.

VXE ATK75 Keyboard Specifications

Equipped with a Gasket structure and sound-dampening fillings, the ATK75 minimizes noise, providing a comfortable and precise typing experience. Multi-layer noise reduction structure ensures pure sound output, perfect for extended gaming sessions.

VXE ATK75 Keyboard features

Customize with V HUB software, managing multiple devices and configuring magnetic axis features like RT, DKS, TGL, and more. The ATK75 features 16 million color adjustable RGB lighting, emphasizing its gaming-centric design.

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The injection-molded bottom shell offers comfortable weight control. Internally, the ATK75 includes a satellite axis, PCB, and silicone shock pads for precision and durability. Supporting wired single-mode connection, it’s compatible with Windows and MacOS systems.

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