Troubleshooting Guide for Palworld: Fixing Stuck Pals and Boosting Worker Morale

Playing Palworld can be a thrilling experience, but dealing with stuck or slacking Pals can be a real headache. Fear not, as we’ve got some tips and tricks to help you navigate these challenges and keep your virtual workforce happy and productive.

Palworld Guide

Troubleshooting Guide for Palworld
Troubleshooting Guide for Palworld

Fixing Stuck or Lost Pals:

Are you encountering Pals stuck in strange places? The solution might be simpler than you think. While the classic method of picking them up and tossing them back to work usually works, there’s an alternative trick. Try swapping the problematic worker Pal for a different one in your Palbox and then switch them back. This quick maneuver will redeploy your Pal right in front of you, unstuck and ready to resume their tasks.

To prevent Pals from getting stuck, especially on each other, consider spacing out your base. Create clear pathways and avoid congestion by spreading out essential elements like feed boxes. Additionally, be mindful of using too many giant Pals, as they tend to get in the way and struggle with accessing necessities like food and hot tubs.

Palworld Fixing Stuck or Lost Pals
Fixing Stuck or Lost Pals (Image credit Forbes)

Dealing with Slacking Off, Upset, or Sick Pals:

Ensure each Pal has its bed to encourage a healthy and rested workforce. Install one or more hot tubs for those suffering from low SAN (satisfaction) to help them recover. If a Pal with low SAN refuses to use the hot tub, simply pick them up and toss them in.

If certain Pals consistently experience low SAN, consider sharing the workload. For example, if a Pikachu assigned to power generation is always stressed, bring in a second Pikachu to lighten the load. This principle applies to various jobs in your base.

Prevention is key when it comes to sickness. Keep SAN and hunger levels in check, and you’ll likely avoid random illnesses. However, if sickness does strike, use the in-game medicine to nurse your Pals back to health.

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Quick Reference Guide for Palworld Troubleshooting

Stuck or Lost PalsSwap them out in the Palbox and switch back for quick redeployment. Spread out base to prevent Pal congestion.
Slacking Off, Upset PalsEnsure each Pal has a bed. Use hot tubs to boost SAN. Share the workload among Pals for a happier workforce.
Sick PalsMaintain SAN and hunger. Use in-game medicine for recovery.

With these tips, you can tackle stuck Pals and ensure a content and efficient workforce in Palworld. Don’t forget to maintain a balance between workload and relaxation, and your virtual Pals will thrive in their tasks. Happy playing!

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