Sony Deep Earth Collection: Elevate Your PS5 Aesthetics with Stunning DualSense Controllers and Console Covers

Today, Sony unveils the captivating Deep Earth Collection, offering metallic-hued upgrades for PlayStation 5 enthusiasts. This optional collection, featuring vibrant colors for DualSense controllers and PS5 console covers, is now available, injecting a burst of personality into every gamer’s setup.

Sony Deep Earth Collection

Sony Deep Earth Collection 11zon
Sony Deep Earth Collection PS5

Dazzling Colors to Transform Your Gaming Experience

Sony introduces three striking hues in the Deep Earth Collection: volcanic red, cobalt blue, and the latest addition, sterling silver. These colors aren’t confined to just the controllers; they extend to console covers, catering to all PS5 models, including fat, slim, disc, and digital versions.

The Deep Earth Collection stands out for its unparalleled aesthetic appeal. Bold red and blue controllers infuse vibrancy, while the sterling silver option offers a more subdued yet elegant choice. Retaining the features of the standard PS5 DualSense controller, these controllers bring a fresh, energetic look to your gaming experience.

Sony Deep Earth Collection
Sony Deep Earth Collection PS5

Exclusive Console Covers for a Unique Touch

Sony exclusively offers the console covers through the PlayStation Direct store. Mirroring the vibrant colors of the controllers, these covers enable gamers to coordinate or mix and match, adding a personalized touch to their consoles. Whether chosen in tandem or as standalone accessories, each color enhances the visual allure of your gaming setup.

Broad Availability for Easy Access

The Deep Earth Collection isn’t limited to Sony’s store. Major retailers like Best Buy, GameStop, Target, and Walmart also stock these items, ensuring gamers have convenient access to customize their consoles effortlessly.

Sony Deep Earth Collection Highlights

ColorsVolcanic Red, Cobalt Blue, Sterling Silver
CompatibilityPS5 models: Fat, Slim, Disc, Digital
DualSense ControllersBold red, blue, and elegant sterling silver options
Console CoversExclusive to PlayStation Direct store
Aesthetic AppealVibrant hues for personalized gaming setups
AvailabilitySony store, Best Buy, GameStop, Target, Walmart

Elevate your gaming aesthetics with Sony Deep Earth Collection – where style meets innovation. Explore the spectrum of colors, transform your setup, and make a statement in the gaming world. Dive into a world of personalized gaming experiences today!

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