Your Guide to Skill Fruits in Palworld: How to Use Skill Fruits in Palworld

Skill Fruits in Palworld: Palworld, the hit survival game with millions of players, offers a vast world to explore, filled with unique Pals and valuable resources. Among these resources, Skill Fruits play a crucial role in enhancing your Pal’s abilities. Here’s a comprehensive guide on Skill Fruits in Palworld, covering their types, locations, and how to utilize them effectively.

Palworld Abilities

Skill Fruits in Palworld, Palworld Skill Fruits
Palworld Skill Fruits

What Are Skill Fruits in Palworld?

Skill Fruits are essential items that allow you to unlock new abilities for your Pals. While your character and Pals can only reach level 50, Skill Fruits provides a pathway to further empower your Pals with unique skills.

How to Get Palworld Skill Fruit:

Skill Fruit trees are strategically scattered across the Palworld map. To locate them, refer to the marked locations on the map, where these distinctive trees stand out. Keep in mind the varying climates in cold and warm areas, ensuring you equip yourself appropriately for survival.

Palworld Skill Fruits

How to Use Skill Fruits in Palworld:

Using Skill Fruits is a straightforward process. Open your Inventory, find the Skill Fruit, and apply it to any of your Pals. You can teach multiple skills to your Pals, and if they already have three active skills, you can replace them with new ones. Skill Fruits are versatile and not restricted to specific Pal types, allowing for strategic customization.

Types of Skill Fruits in Palworld:

Explore a variety of Palworld’s best skill fruit, each offering unique abilities to your Pals:

  • Grass Skill Fruit: Wind Cutter
  • Ice Skill Fruit: Frost Missile
  • Ice Skill Fruit: Iceblade
  • Fire Skill Fruit: Flare Storm
  • Earth Skill Fruit: Sand Tornado
  • Electric Skill Fruit: Plasma Tornado
  • Electric Skill Fruit: Tagged Laser

Stay updated as new Skill Fruits may be introduced in future game updates.

All skill fruits Palworld

NameSkill NameTypeRarityLevelPower
Neutral Skill Fruit iconAir CannonNeutralUncommon225
Neutral Skill Fruit iconPower ShotNeutralUncommon435
Neutral Skill Fruit iconPower BombNeutralRare1570
Neutral Skill Fruit iconPal BlastNeutralEpic55150
Neutral Skill Fruit iconImplodeNeutralEpic55180
Water Skill Fruit iconHydro JetWaterUncommon230
Water Skill Fruit iconAqua GunWaterUncommon440
Water Skill Fruit iconBubble BlastWaterRare1365
Water Skill Fruit iconAcid RainWaterUncommon1880
Water Skill Fruit iconAqua BurstWaterRare30100
Water Skill Fruit iconHydro LaserWaterEpic55150
Dragon Skill Fruit iconDragon CannonDragonUncommon230
Dragon Skill Fruit iconDragon BurstDragonRare1055
Dragon Skill Fruit iconDraconic BreathDragonRare1570
Dragon Skill Fruit iconDragon MeteorDragonEpic55150
Grass Skill Fruit iconWind CutterGrassUncommon230
Grass Skill Fruit iconSeed Machine GunGrassUncommon950
Grass Skill Fruit iconSeed MineGrassUncommon1365
Grass Skill Fruit iconGrass TornadoGrassRare1880
Grass Skill Fruit iconSpine VineGrassRare2595
Grass Skill Fruit iconSolar BlastGrassEpic55150
Fire Skill Fruit iconIgnis BlastFireUncommon230
Fire Skill Fruit iconSpirit FireFireUncommon745
Fire Skill Fruit iconFlare ArrowFireUncommon1055
Fire Skill Fruit iconIgnis BreathFireRare1570
Fire Skill Fruit iconFlare StormFireRare1880
Fire Skill Fruit iconIgnis RageFireEpic40120
Fire Skill Fruit iconFire BallFireEpic55150
Electric Skill Fruit iconSpark BlastElectricUncommon230
Electric Skill Fruit iconShockwaveElectricUncommon440
Electric Skill Fruit iconElectric BallElectricUncommon950
Electric Skill Fruit iconPlasma TornadoElectricUncommon1365
Electric Skill Fruit iconLock-on LaserElectricRare1570
Electric Skill Fruit iconLightning StreakElectricRare1675
Electric Skill Fruit iconTri-LightningElectricRare2290
Electric Skill Fruit iconLightning StrikeElectricEpic40120
Electric Skill Fruit iconLightning BoltElectricEpic55150
Ground Skill Fruit iconSand BlastGroundUncommon440
Ground Skill Fruit iconStone BlastGroundUncommon1055
Ground Skill Fruit iconStone CannonGroundUncommon1570
Ground Skill Fruit iconSand TornadoGroundRare1880
Ground Skill Fruit iconRock LanceGroundEpic55150
Dark Skill Fruit iconPoison BlastDarkUncommon230
Dark Skill Fruit iconShadow BurstDarkUncommon1055
Dark Skill Fruit iconSpirit FlameDarkUncommon1675
Dark Skill Fruit iconNightmare BallDarkRare30100
Dark Skill Fruit iconDark LaserDarkEpic55150
Ice Skill Fruit iconIce MissileIceUncommon330
Ice Skill Fruit iconIcicle CutterIceUncommon1055
Ice Skill Fruit iconIcebergIceRare1570
Ice Skill Fruit iconCryst BreathIceRare2290
Ice Skill Fruit iconBlizzard SpikeIceEpic45130
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Enhance your Pal’s capabilities and dive into the exciting world of Skill Fruits in Palworld. For more gaming insights, keep an eye on our updates!


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