Red Magic Shadow Blade 2 Gamepad Unleashed: Experience Gaming Excellence Worldwide

Embark on a global gaming adventure with the newly launched Red Magic Shadow Blade 2 Gamepad. Following its initial debut alongside the Red Magic 9 series in China last November, this cutting-edge gamepad is now accessible worldwide, coinciding with the global release of the Red Magic 9 Pro.

Red Magic Shadow Blade 2 Gamepad
Red Magic Shadow Blade 2 Gamepad launched

Red Magic Shadow Blade 2 Gamepad Features

Packed with features that redefine the gaming experience, the Shadow Blade 2 boasts an array of controls, including ALPS, left and right sticks, cross buttons, a screenshot key, and a specialized Red Magic button. Notably, hall linear triggers at the back provide 256 layers of precision with a response interval under 0.1mm, ensuring unparalleled flexibility and control through their self-developed IC algorithm.

Red Magic Shadow Blade 2 Gamepad

The gamepad’s connectivity is enhanced by a Type-C port, delivering zero latency during gaming, while an upgraded grip design with two custom back triggers ensures comfort during extended play sessions. Noteworthy is the adjustable Type-C port that accommodates smartphones of varying heights (110-185mm), a 3.3% increase from the previous generation, catering to a wide range of devices.

Red Magic Shadow Blade 2 Gamepad

Gamers can also leverage the built-in charging port to power up their devices seamlessly while indulging in their favorite games. For those who appreciate aesthetic personalization, the gamepad comes with replaceable left and right shells.

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Red Magic Shadow Blade 2 Gamepad Specifications

ControlsALPS, Sticks, Cross Buttons, Red Magic Button
TriggersHall Linear, 256 Layers, <0.1mm Response Time
ConnectivityType-C Port, Zero Latency
Grip DesignUpgraded with Back Triggers
Adjustable PortType-C, Accommodates 110-185mm Heights
Charging ConvenienceBuilt-in Charging Port
Aesthetic CustomizationReplaceable Left and Right Shells
WebstoryRed Magic Shadow Blade 2 Gamepad

Red Magic Shadow Blade 2 Gamepad Pricing and Availability

Now available for purchase exclusively in black on the official website, the RedMagic Shadow Blade GamePad 2 comes with diverse pricing across regions – USD 94.90 in the United States and Canada, £79.90 in the United Kingdom, €94.90 in Europe, SGD 129.90 in Singapore, and Mexican Peso 1,969 in Mexico. Elevate your gaming journey with the Red Magic Shadow Blade 2 Gamepad, where innovation converges with global accessibility.

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