Palworld Tower Boss Capture Glitch: A Game-Changing Discovery

Palworld enthusiasts have stumbled upon a game-altering bug, that allows players to capture Tower Bosses as their own Pals. As the hottest game globally, Palworld, developed by Pocketpair, has surged in popularity, reaching the top of Steam sales charts and attracting Game Pass subscribers.

Palworld Tower Boss Capture Glitch
Palworld Tower Boss Capture Glitch: A Game-Changing Discovery

The Tower Boss Glitch Unveiled

Originally discovered by a Redditor named blastpass14, this glitch empowers players to capture powerful Tower Bosses, such as Zoe/Grizzbolt, Lily/Lyleen, and Axel/Orserk. While initial reports confirm the capture of the first three bosses, some claim success with all five. Keep in mind, though, that unverified comments lack photo or video evidence.

Importantly, this glitch has persisted through recent patches, signaling its current viability. However, given Pocketpair’s commitment to refining the game, it may be patched out in the future. To seize the opportunity, act swiftly before it gains widespread attention.

Palworld Guide

How to Capture Tower Bosses in Palworld

The steps, outlined by blastpass14, might sound peculiar but have been validated by multiple players. To ensure success, start with Zoe and Grizzbolt:

  1. Locate a settlement with a guard and engage in a scuffle.
  2. Wait for your wanted level to appear, then swiftly teleport to any boss arena.
  3. With the police in pursuit, prompting them to shoot the boss.
  4. Crucially, throw any ball at the boss’s back; this step is pivotal.
  5. Congratulations! You’ve successfully captured the boss, integrating them into your Pal lineup.

Be aware that PocketPair could patch this glitch at any time. If you desire a Tower Boss companion, seize the opportunity promptly. Palworld is accessible on Xbox and PC, with a caveat for Game Pass users – crossplay with the Steam version is unavailable.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates on Palworld and its evolving gameplay dynamics. Embrace the glitch responsibly and elevate your Palworld experience!

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