Mastering Palworld: How to Improve Base Defense and Optimize Gameplay

In a recent analysis of Palworld’s early access version, we highlighted several gameplay issues, with one major concern being the imbalanced and unrewarding nature of constant base raids. This article offers insights into addressing this challenge and enhancing your overall gaming experience.

How to Improve Base Defense and Optimize Gameplay in Palworld

Palworld base defense,
Palworld raids
Palworld raids (Image by Forbes)

The Raiding Dilemma:

Palworld’s base raids present several challenges, primarily due to scaling issues. Raids are linked to player levels rather than Pal levels, resulting in mismatched encounters where enemies outclass your team. This can lead to significant losses, both in terms of Pals and valuable materials.

Palworld Issues with Raids:

  1. Scaling Discrepancy: Raids scale to player levels, causing disparity with the levels of your Pals.
  2. Structural Vulnerability: Fire-based enemies pose a threat to wooden structures, causing costly damage.
  3. Resource Drain: Defending against raids consumes valuable ammo with minimal rewards in return.
  4. XP Deprivation: Neither you nor your Pals gain experience points from these challenging fights.
  5. Pal AI Shortcomings: Inefficient Pal AI can hinder defense strategies, impacting the effectiveness of defensive structures.

Recommended Solution:

Considering the current state of base raids in Palworld, we suggest temporarily disabling them in your game settings. Pocket Pair provides the option to customize various aspects of your gameplay, including the ability to turn off raids. This allows you to focus on other aspects of the game until necessary improvements are implemented.

Palworld Passive Skills
Improve Base Defense and Optimize Gameplay in Palworld

Additional Settings to Enhance Gameplay:

  1. Faster Building Rate: Accelerate item construction to counteract AI inefficiencies.
  2. Increased XP Gain: Expedite the leveling process for a more engaging experience.

While some players may enjoy the challenge of constructing elaborate defenses, the majority may find it more practical to disable raids until substantial improvements are introduced. The current system, lacking meaningful rewards and XP for defense, may not align with the core enjoyment of Palworld. Stay tuned for updates, and in the meantime, explore other aspects of the game to maximize your enjoyment.

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