Jio Airtel 5G: Airtel and Jio May Introduce Charges for 5G, Ending Unlimited Data Offers

Jio Airtel 5G: As India embraced 5G in October 2022, Jio and Airtel led with unlimited 5G data at 4G rates. With 125 million subscribers, the landscape may shift. Experts predict a potential end to unlimited 5G offerings, signaling a 5-10% increase in 5G plan charges compared to 4G.

Jio Airtel 5G

Jio Airtel 5G
Jio Airtel 5G

As adoption surges, the move aims at monetization and revenue growth. Analysts suggest this transition could occur in the latter half of 2024. Anticipating 200 million 5G users by year-end, Airtel and Jio may redefine mobile charges by a speculated 20% in Q3 2024. This strategic shift aligns with the broader 5G rollout and increasing acquisition costs.

While the price increase is expected, providers might sweeten the deal with 30-40% more data, enhancing market share. With Vi yet to debut 5G, Airtel and Jio aim to balance profitability, technology investments, and customer satisfaction in this dynamic telecom landscape.

Stay tuned for updates as the telecom giants navigate this transformative phase in India’s digital connectivity.

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