Controversy Surrounds Genshin Impact: Backlash Over New Year Rewards

Genshin Impact, the widely acclaimed online RPG, is facing a significant backlash from its Chinese player community. The controversy ignited when HoYoverse, the game’s developers, revealed underwhelming rewards for the Lantern Rite Festival, a pivotal celebration marking the Chinese New Year. This decision left players, especially in China, disappointed due to the festival’s cultural significance.

Genshin Impact
Controversy Surrounds Genshin Impact

Backlash and Social Media Fallout:

The dissatisfaction manifested swiftly as Genshin Impact‘s official Douyin account witnessed a staggering loss of over one million followers in just one day, dropping from around 9.6 million to approximately 8 million. Similar declines were noted across other social media platforms associated with the game. Players expressed discontent by unfavorably comparing the rewards to those in other regions and HoYoverse’s other games, alleging global favoritism.

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact: Backlash Over New Year Rewards

Genshin Impact Player Response and Brand Targeting:

Disgruntled players not only unfollowed Genshin social media but also targeted affiliated brands like KFC, Hey Tea, and Pizza Hut. Allegations of HoYoverse using bot accounts to artificially inflate follower counts on platforms like BiliBili added fuel to the fire.

Genshin Impact:

Debates on Reward System:

The controversy sparked debates among players regarding the game’s reward system. While some consider the reaction an overreach, others support the dissatisfaction, citing long-standing issues with HoYoverse. The discontent has spilled onto various social media platforms, with players expressing disappointment and demanding improved rewards.

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Developer’s Response and Future Implications:

In response to the uproar, HoYoverse issued an apology, pledging to reassess and adjust the rewards. This incident highlights the delicate balance game developers must strike in meeting the expectations and cultural sensitivities of a diverse global audience. The ongoing debate raises questions about Genshin Impact’s future in the Chinese market, contingent upon HoYoverse’s effective resolution of the crisis and addressing player concerns.

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