Nintendo’s Action Against Palworld’s Pokémon Mod, Riot Games Layoffs, and Princess Peach Joy-Cons – Gaming News Recap

Today, we’ve got updates on Nintendo cracking down on a Pokémon mod in Palworld, Riot Games facing layoffs, and Princess Peach getting her own stylish Joy-Cons. Let’s dive in!

Nintendo's Action Against Palworld's
Nintendo’s Action Against Palworld’s

Nintendo Takes On Palworld’s Pokémon Mod:

A Pokémon modder for Palworld claims Nintendo has issued a takedown after showcasing Pokémon characters in the game. The mod, featuring Pokémon like Pikachu, received a DMCA takedown within 24 hours. The debate is ongoing about potential legal actions from Nintendo or The Pokémon Company.

Riot Games Layoffs and Changes:

Riot Games Layoffs
Riot Games Layoffs

Riot Games is making significant changes, laying off around 11% of its global workforce (530 employees). The move is explained as a necessity due to the company’s broadening portfolio and rapid growth, which has left little room for experimentation. Riot Forge, the indie publishing label, is also being axed. Despite challenges, Riot reassures players that League of Legends, Valorant, Teamfight Tactics, and Wild Rift will see increased ambition.

Princess Peach Joy-Cons Announcement:

Nintendo unveils pastel pink Joy-Cons to coincide with the release of Princess Peach’s Showtime on March 22nd. While pricing details are yet to be revealed, the pastel-themed Joy-Cons follows last year’s summer-themed releases. Check out the new Princess Peach trailer for a sneak peek at ninja and cowgirl transformations.

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Gaming News Highlights – Jan 23, 2024

News HeadlineSummary
Nintendo vs. Palworld Pokémon ModNintendo issues takedown on Pokémon mod in Palworld, sparking legal debates.
Riot Games Layoffs and ChangesRiot Games lays off 11%, discontinues Riot Forge, vows increased ambition for core games.
Princess Peach Joy-Cons AnnouncementNintendo reveals pastel pink Joy-Cons for Princess Peach’s Showtime release on March 22.
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