Samsung Galaxy S25 and S25+ to opt for Sony camera sensor

Samsung Galaxy S25 and S25+

Samsung Galaxy S25 and S25+
Samsung S25 and S25+

Samsung introduced the ISOCELL GN5 50MP camera sensor in Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ and the same GN5 is used in the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+. The same camera sensor is now going to be used in the Samsung Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S24+ smartphones. According to the tip, Samsung going to use the Sony Camera sensor in the Samsung Galaxy S25 and Galaxy S25+.

It is more than 1 year since the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S25 series but the rumours are already in the market for the Galaxy S25 series.

One more rumor in the market, Samsung working on a new 200MP 1-inch ISOCELL camera sensor for the Samsung Galaxy S25 series. It is also stated that the Galaxy S25 series going to have an Exynos 2500 chipset with a 10-core CPU based on a 3nm node.

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