Galaxy Watch’s Universal Gestures Feature Enhances Accessibility

Samsung likes to remind us, in respect of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD), that its Galaxy Watches are comprehensive because of the so-called Universal Gestures. This function improves accessibility and lets you browse without ever touching the virtual bezel, rotating bezel, or display.

Galaxy Watch
Galaxy Watch’s Universal Gestures Feature Enhances Accessibility

Galaxy Watch’s Universal Gestures Feature

In the Accessibility sub-menu of the Settings menu, you can activate the Universal Gestures option. The “make a fist” and “pinch” motions are the two main ones. The former makes two fists, selects an object, launches the Action menu, or starts Universal gestures.

The pinch moves help you navigate from one item to another or go back to the previous item. The Action menu on Galaxy Watch offers versatile gestures beneficial for various tasks, and useful for everyone.

However, there’s a trade-off – you can’t use Universal Gestures with Google Wallet simultaneously due to security settings. It’s important to note that Universal Gestures differ from those in the Advanced features menu, as the former requires no screen lock, while the latter works even with a screen lock. Users should consider their priorities between convenience and security features.


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