LG Unveils 2024 Lineup: B4, C4, and LG G4 TVs with Enhanced New Features Leak Ahead of CES Debut

LG G4 TV: In a leak that has sent waves through the tech community, details of LG’s upcoming 2024 TV lineup have surfaced, revealing the B4, C4, and G4 models. Spotted on the AMD FreeSync Premium database and accompanied by images from Safety Korea, these TVs are poised to elevate the viewing experience with improved features over their 2023 predecessors.

The LG G4 TV [Image source: Safety Korea]


The leak, which has garnered attention for its insights into LG’s future offerings, unveils three sizes for each model: 48 inches, 55 inches, and 77 inches, hinting at a diverse range to cater to various preferences.

One standout feature is the variable refresh rate (VRR) improvement. The B4 boasts a VRR range of 40 to 120Hz, while the C4 and G4 models take it up a notch, supporting an impressive 144Hz VRR via HDMI. This marks a notable advancement from LG’s previous OLED TVs, which capped at 120Hz. The leak further confirms these TVs as 4K displays with HDR support, FreeSync Premium, and Low framerate compensation (LFC).

Adding to the intrigue, the G4 model is rumored to incorporate an MLA OLED panel, promising heightened brightness. While this innovation is expected to enhance the visual experience, it’s still uncertain whether the B4 and C4 will adopt this technology.

Beyond the display enhancements, rumors swirl around LG’s development of a new processor, the Alpha 10, succeeding the Alpha 9 Gen6. Paired with a robust Neural Processing Unit (NPU), this processor aims to elevate upscaling and noise reduction capabilities, potentially delivering a more refined and immersive viewing experience.

Accompanying the leak are images of the 55-inch C4 and 77-inch G4 models, providing a sneak peek into the sleek design and form factor. LG enthusiasts and tech aficionados are eagerly anticipating the official announcement, expected to take place at CES in January 2024.

As the leak ignites anticipation, LG enthusiasts are left to ponder the full extent of these advancements and how they might redefine the home entertainment landscape. Until the official unveiling, the tech world remains on the edge of its seat, eager to witness LG’s latest innovations firsthand.

Stay tuned for the official reveal at CES in January 2024.


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