Top 5 Best Smartphones Under 10000 in September 2023

Today we going to tell you about the best smartphones under 10000. In 2022, there weren’t many good phones launched. we going to tell you and there’s a reason, there are a lot of good phones launched. Rs 10000 is just the budget, it doesn’t mean that you should get phones that are underpowered & display isn’t that good.

Top 5 Best Smartphones Under 10000 in September 2023
Best Smartphones Under 10000

Criteria – Best Smartphones Under 10000

The minimum criteria are already very high and for these phones, even if it’s for 10000rs, you can do nearly 80-90% of the things that you can do on a normal & expensive phone.

Why? Because the minimum criteria is 6.5” FHD+, 90Hz. If you have 60Hz in 1 hand & 90Hz in the other, then you’ll get a smoother display. So that’s the criteria. At least 4GB RAM, and 3GB RAM, 2GB RAM are not allowed in 2023. 4GB RAM, 64GB storage, 5000mAh battery. The performance of the processor should be at least 2 Lakh Antutu scores.

Antutu score is basically a benchmark that tells you if the performance is good or not. Generally, the expensive phones of 20000-25000 have 4-4.5 Lakh Antutu scores. But the phones under 10000 shouldn’t be under 2 Lakh Antutu scores. So all those things we’ve taken care of. We going to tell you about the 5th phone first.

Those who want to buy a new phone from a feature phone or want to buy a 2nd phone. They have a budget of Rs 10K,

Motorola Moto G14

So, in 5th place, we have the Motorola Moto G14. It’s a good phone with a 6.5” FHD display. It’s a Unisoc T616 processor & its highlight is 128GB storage. Yes, generally you get 64GB storage under 10000. But this has 128GB storage.

It has a clean Android experience & it’s smooth. It has an IP52 certification, Android 13 & a 5000mAh battery. It has 20W charging & a side-mounted fingerprint sensor. It has a 50MP primary sensor. In 9999rs definitely, the Moto G14 is at No. 5.

Realme Narzo N55

If fast charging & display are important to you, then you should check out the Realme Narzo N55. we do overall ranking, but you should check out what’s specifically important to you. That’s why I’m telling you that this phone is good.

If performance is important, then check out the performance. If the display is not important, then check out the display. If the battery is important, then check out the battery.

The biggest thing about the Realme Narzo N55 is that it has a 5000mAh battery. But it has a 33W charging & a side-mounted fingerprint sensor and is one of the Best Smartphones Under 10000 by Realme.

It has a good 6.72” FHD display with a 90Hz refresh rate. It has a G88 processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB storage & Android 13. The design is also good. So overall, its price is around Rs 10,500-Rs 10,700. But you get it under Rs 10,000 in offers. Definitely, according to the price & specifications, it comes at No. 4.

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If RAM & ROM are important to you, then you should check out the third phone, the POCO M5. In our list, it’s really good. It has a 6.58” FHD screen with a 90Hz refresh rate. The display is also good. It has 6GB RAM & 128GB storage. So if you want to multitask, then you should definitely check it out.

It has a good processor, Helio G99. It’s 4G, not 5G. In this list, the other phone is the 5G smartphone under 10000. So do wait for it. But the rest are all 4G, 6GB RAM, 128GB storage, IP52 certification, 5000mAh battery & 18W charging. It has a triple-camera setup. It’s priced at Rs 10,400-Rs 10,900. But you get it under Rs 10,000 in offers.

In fact, it’s Diwali season & there’s a big billion-dollar sale coming up. There’s a sale for the Great Indian Festival on Amazon. You can get these phones at a very good price. If you buy it then, you can get it for Rs 9,500-9,500.

Lava Blaze 5G

At No 2, it’s a surprising phone. Lava has launched a good phone with Lava Blaze 5G smartphone under 10000. If you want 5G connectivity, you can definitely look at it. For connectivity, I’d definitely say it’s at the top. It has a MediaTek Dimensity 700 processor, which is a bit old. But still, it’s a 5G processor. In terms of performance, it’s good.

It has a 6.5” HD screen. It doesn’t have FHD. So in terms of display, it’s not all that great. Everything else is good except for the display. But performance is important, you can definitely look at it. It has UFS 2.2 storage & it has a big glass back.

You get a glass back under Rs 10,000. It has a 5,000 mAh battery with 12W charging. It’s priced at Rs 10,999 but as I said, you get it under Rs 10,000 in offers. Overall, for connectivity, I’d give it a big thumbs up. Lava Blaze 5G.

Redmi 12

There’s not much difference between the 1st, 2nd & 3rd phones. Lava has 5G but it doesn’t have a good display. Redmi 12 is at number 1. It has a 6.79” FHD 90Hz screen. So it’s great for display. It has a glass back.

It has a Helio G88 processor, 4GB RAM & 128GB storage. It has an IP53 certification and it’s the only phone that has an ultrawide camera. 50MP plus 8MP plus 2MP. You don’t get an ultrawide camera on any other phone. So I’d say it’s a balanced phone for Rs 9,999 and if you get offers, you might get it for Rs 8,500-9,000.

Accordingly, it has 128GB storage, a glass back, a 90Hz fast refresh rate, a G88 processor & AnTuTu score above 2 lakhs. So overall, if you look at the phone, the Redmi 12 is definitely number 1 in our list. If you find it useful, then do hit LIKE & SHARE so that more people know which phone to buy for Rs 10,000.

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