Top 5 Best 5G Phones Under 15000 in September 2023

If you want to know which are the best 5g phones under 15000. It’s a great time to buy smartphones. So many value-for-money smartphones have been launched in the last 2-3 months. By the way, this is for Rs 15K. The best 5g phones are under Rs 15000.

Whichever phones we talk about, the minimum criteria are always there. For example, a phone under 15000 should have 5G support. It should have at least a fast refresh rate of 90Hz. If it’s a Qualcomm then it should have a 4th Gen 2 processor.

And it Dimensity should have at least a 6080 Dimensity. If it’s 695, then it’s even better. But 4th Gen 2 is better than 695. In terms of variants, it should have 6GB RAM & 128GB RAM and it should have fast charging. It shouldn’t be 10W or 15W. It should be at least 25W or above that.

It’s a great time to buy smartphones. You get such phones under 15000 that 95% of the people will get a phone under 15000. we going to tell you about 5 phones that are my best picks and in that, Samsung’s phone comes in 5th place.

Top 5 Best 5G Phones Under 15000 in September 2023

5.Samsung Galaxy M14 5G

If you want a Samsung phone, and you need a battery for 2-3 days, then you should definitely look at the Samsung Galaxy M14 5G.

It has a 6000mAh battery, 25W charging, Exynos 1330 processor. I mean, that is there and the Samsung Galaxy M14 is no different.

It has a big battery, an Exynos 1330 processor, and 13 5G band support. So all that is there. I won’t say it’s the best-performing smartphone. But it’s a Samsung phone & a lot of people like Samsung’s brand. And obviously, you get software updates. Accordingly, the price of the base 4GB RAM & 128GB RAM variant is Rs 13,800-Rs 13,900 and for that price, I’d say it’s in 5th place.

4. Tecno POVA 5 Pro

But 4 phones are better than that. In 4th place is the Tecno POVA 5 Pro. It has a Dimensity 6080 processor, Full HD 120Hz fast refresh rate IPS LCD screen and you get an 8GB RAM & 128GB RAM variant under Rs 15000 & not Rs 14,999. The Dimensity 6080 is really good.

You can play heavy games on medium to high settings. The highlight is that there are LED lights at the back. It looks a little different. It’s definitely in 3rd place at this price. By the way, I’d like to give a hint here. If you want more storage, then you get an 8GB-256GB variant under Rs 15,999. So if storage is important for you, then do check it out.

3. POCO X5

3rd place is the POCO X5. POCO X5 is excellent as its display is amazing. It has a 6.67” FHD & AMOLED display. It doesn’t have an IPS LCD but an AMOLED display. It has a 695 processor so there are no limitations like 4K. But it’s a tried & tested, very stable performing smartphone.

It has a Qualcomm SD695 chipset which is decent. It has 7 5G bands. You get a 6GB RAM & 128GB RAM variant under Rs 14,999. It has a 5nm battery with 33W charging & IP53 certification. It has a side-mounted fingerprint sensor. It has a 48MP camera with an 8MP sensor. Remember, you get an ultrawide camera under Rs 15,999 or the best camera phone under 15000. So the camera is also quite decent. For that price, POCO X5 is definitely in 3rd place.

But remember, I’d like to tell you what’s important to you. If the battery & brand are important to you, then probably Samsung M14 5G will be in 1st place.

2. Redmi 12 5G

Redmi 12 5G surprised me with this phone. In fact, the Redmi 12 5G has just been launched. We changed the ranking because it’s a better phone. But the Redmi 12 5G is absolutely phenomenal. It has a 90Hz FHD+, but the processor is 4th Gen 2.

I’d say it’s even better than Qualcomm SD695. It has a glass back. You get the 4GB RAM variant under Rs 11,999. But at Rs 15,999, you get the 6GB RAM variant under Rs 13,999. So if you want to buy it, then go for 6GB RAM or 8GB RAM. Because 8GB RAM is important nowadays.

So you can either look at 6GB RAM 128GB or 8GB RAM 256GB. The best is 8GB RAM 256GB for Rs 15,499. It has a 5000mAh battery, an IP53 certification & a side-mounted fingerprint sensor. It doesn’t have an ultrawide camera of 50MP x 2MP. So the camera is very important. So don’t look at it, you can look at the Poco X5.

1. Moto G54

But the most surprising is the newest member of the family and number 1 in under 15K smartphones. Moto G54. What a phone! Its price should’ve been more than Rs 1-2K, but I’d still recommend it. But its price is Rs 14,500. The effective price with offers is Rs 14,500. The base variant is 8GB RAM 128GB.

It has a Dimensity 7020 processor with an AnTuTu score of 4.7L. It has 14 5G bands, 33W charging, an IP52 certification, and a side-mounted fingerprint sensor. It has a 50MP plus 8MP functional camera. So you get an ultrawide camera too. It doesn’t have a 2MP camera and you get a 16MP front camera too. I mean, in Rs 14,500, there are so many things, especially performance. Dimensity 7020 is really really good. Accordingly, it definitely comes at number 1.

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