Google Introduces Duet AI Assistant to Workspace Apps – best Pricing and Features Revealed

Google is making a significant stride in the tech industry by introducing its Duet AI assistant to Workspace apps, including popular tools like Gmail. This move promises to revolutionize how both businesses and individuals interact with Google Workspace. However, the new features come with a pricing model that has drawn comparisons to Microsoft’s 365 Copilot enhancements. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of Google’s Duet AI, its pricing structure, and how it stacks up against its competitor from Redmond.

Google Introduces Duet AI Assistant to Workspace Apps - Pricing and Features Revealed

Duet AI Game-Changing Features

Google’s Duet AI is set to transform the way users engage with Workspace apps. Gmail and Google Docs, enable users to effortlessly generate text results by providing a simple text prompt. For presentations in Google Slides, Duet AI can create images based on descriptive text, making content creation a more intuitive process. Additionally, it aids in project planning within Google Sheets and can even take notes during Google Meet video calls for users who may have missed a part of the meeting.

The Pricing Model

One of the most discussed aspects of this announcement is the pricing structure. Google plans to charge large businesses a monthly fee of $30 per user for access to Duet AI-powered features. This pricing model places Google’s offering on par with Microsoft’s 365 Copilot enhancements, setting the stage for intense competition between these two tech giants.

It’s essential to note that these charges are in addition to what companies are already paying for their Workspace subscriptions. Nevertheless, Google is offering businesses the opportunity to join free trials before committing to a subscription. This move aims to provide organizations with a taste of the enhanced productivity and efficiency that Duet AI can offer.

The Road Ahead

For smaller businesses and regular users, Google has yet to finalize the pricing structure. This opens the door to more accessible options for those who don’t fall into the “large business” category.

Aparna Pappu, Google Workspace’s Vice President and General Manager, emphasized that Google carefully considered customer willingness to pay when setting the $30 per user price point. Google quietly began accepting preorders for Duet AI for Google Workspace at this price back in June but did not publicly disclose it.

Pappu also pointed out the remarkable similarity between Google and Microsoft’s pricing models, humorously noting that Microsoft, based in Redmond, Washington, adopted the exact same pricing approach. This observation underscores the competitive nature of the tech industry and the ongoing battle for dominance in the realm of productivity tools and AI integration.

Comparing Revenues

Regarding revenue, Google’s Workspace falls under Alphabet’s Google Cloud category, which generated an impressive $8 billion in revenue in the second quarter. In comparison, Microsoft reported a substantial $13.5 billion in revenue from Office products and cloud services during the same period, highlighting the fierce competition between these two tech giants.


Google’s introduction of Duet AI to Workspace apps represents a significant step forward in the integration of AI into daily productivity tools. With its impressive features, it promises to enhance the user experience for businesses and individuals alike. While the pricing strategy may mirror Microsoft’s offering, the ultimate winners in this competition will be the users, who will benefit from the continuous innovation and improvements driven by this intense rivalry.

As Google and Microsoft continue to push the boundaries of what AI can achieve for productivity, the future of Workspace apps looks exceedingly promising. Users can anticipate even more exciting developments on the horizon, with a consumer version of Duet AI for Google Workspace expected to arrive early next year. Stay tuned for further updates as this tech rivalry unfolds.

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