JioBharat 4G: Jio Collaborates with Karbonn to Launch the Affordable JioBharat 4G Phone in India

Jio, the renowned telecommunications giant, has taken a monumental step in the tech world by partnering with Karbonn to introduce the JioBharat 4G phone in India. This groundbreaking device, now available on Amazon, is set to revolutionize internet accessibility for millions of users, especially those still clinging to their antiquated 2G phones. With a strategic focus on affordability and performance, the JioBharat 4G phone is poised to be a game-changer, ushering in an era of faster, more capable mobile technology.

Jio Collaborates with Karbonn to Launch the Affordable JioBharat 4G Phone in India

Unveiling the JioBharat 4G Phone:

The JioBharat 4G phone, recently launched on Amazon, is designed to bridge the digital divide by making high-speed internet accessible to all. Let’s delve into the key specifications and pricing details of this innovative device.

Impressive Specifications:

1. Display and Design: The JioBharat 4G phone boasts a 1.77-inch TFT display, offering a clear and vibrant visual experience. Its sleek and elegant ash-black design is not only visually appealing but also ergonomic.

2. Camera: Equipped with a 0.3MP camera featuring an LED flash, this phone ensures decent photo quality even in low-light conditions.

3. Battery: Powering the phone is a robust 1000mAh battery, guaranteeing uninterrupted usage throughout the day.

4. Multilingual Support: Catering to India’s linguistic diversity, the phone supports a total of 23 languages, making it accessible and user-friendly for people across the nation.

5. Expandable Storage: A standout feature of this device is its external microSD card support, allowing users to expand storage by up to 128GB. This ensures ample space for apps, photos, and media.

A Collaborative Effort with Karbonn

Developed in collaboration with Karbonn, the JioBharat 4G phone proudly showcases dual branding, featuring “Bharat” on the front and the Karbonn logo on the back. This partnership signifies a synergy between two tech giants to bring affordable yet cutting-edge technology to the masses.

Affordability at Its Best

One of the most remarkable aspects of the JioBharat 4G phone is its affordability. Priced at just Rs. 999, it offers an impressive array of features and specifications that belie its low cost. With the capability to connect to Swift 4G internet, this phone delivers exceptional value for money.

Complementary Internet Plans

In addition to the phone itself, Jio has introduced cost-effective internet plans tailored to suit every user’s needs. The plans start at a mere Rs. 123 for a 28-day period, providing unlimited voice calls, 14 GB of data, and access to Jio apps for seamless movie and video streaming on the device. Alternatively, users can opt for Jio‘s annual internet plan, priced at Rs. 1234, which offers unlimited calls and a generous 168 GB of data.


For those eager to experience the future of mobile technology, the JioBharat 4G phone is available for purchase starting August 28th, exclusively on the Amazon e-commerce platform. Customers can also explore the option of buying from Reliance Digital stores, although the company has not yet disclosed whether the phone will be available in other retail outlets in the future.


The launch of the JioBharat 4G phone marks a significant milestone in the tech industry, symbolizing Jio’s commitment to bringing affordable and high-performance mobile technology to the masses. With its impressive specifications, budget-friendly pricing, and complementary internet plans, this device is poised to empower millions of users in India, enabling them to embrace the benefits of high-speed 4G connectivity. As Jio continues to innovate and expand its offerings, the future of digital connectivity in India looks brighter than ever.

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