Best Phone under 40000 Budget April 2023

We are going to tell you the best phones under 40000. 2023 has become a very good year for smartphones. The ₹40k phone in 2022, which had a good camera & performance, came under ₹30k in 2023.

If you want performance, you can look at that. By the way, we have a post for under 30000 check that as well. But why should you spend ₹40k if you can find a good phone for under ₹30k?


Best Phone under 40000
Best Phone under 40000

The under ₹30k phones have good performance. All the other things are good, but there is a compromise in the camera somewhere. 


Best Phone under 40000

The phone under 40000 gives you good performance, camera, UI, and updates. And all the phones I will tell you about, I will also tell you its highlight.


Because the top 4 phones are really good, but what is the most important to you? Camera, performance, UI, updates, display? I will tell you according to that. So, look at all 4 phones. All of them are quite good.


When we make this list, we have a minimum benchmark. So, we have a benchmark here, too. There is no problem if it has Dimensity, Exynos, or Qualcomm processors.


The minimum AnTuTu score should be around 6,50,000-7,00,000 or more than that. There should be a 120Hz AMOLED screen.


If we’re giving ₹40k, then we need that. Minimum 8GB RAM and 128GB storage. All the 5G bands should be there. So, all those basic things are there. And that is our benchmark.


Alright, on the 4th number, there is the Moto Edge 30 Fusion. 



Moto Edge 30 Fusion


If you want a clean UI, light-weight, very light-weight, and thin phone, you can look at that.


There is the 3D-curved display, a 120Hz AMOLED display, and all that is there. The clean UI in this is its biggest advantage.


There is Qualcomm Snapdragon 888+, 68W charging, 50MP+13MP+2MP triple camera setup, and a 32MP camera in the front. Its price is ₹39,999. 


I will tell you about another phone here. If the battery is more important for you, you can look at the Moto Edge 30 Pro. You also get a little more performance, yes.


Yes, you get 8 Gen 1. The Fusion has 888+ processors. Pro has 8 Gen 1. Both are under ₹40k. You can see both of them. Clean UI is the highlight.


Vivo V27 – Best phone under 40000

You will be surprised by the 3rd number of phones since I don’t think this brand is ever in our top 5.


But Vivo V27. My goodness. It has launched recently. If you haven’t seen its video, make sure to do that. I think it is one of the good value proposition smartphones. 


Yes, you get a Dimensity 7200 processor, which is, you know, a very new & capable processor. You can look at Vivo V27 Pro if you want a little more performance. That has Dimensity 8200. But this Vivo V27 has a really good camera.


The selfie camera is the best out of the entire lot. It has a front camera of 50MP. The rear triple camera setup is 50MP+8MP+2MP.


So, it has good performance, camera and looks. It has a color-changing back and 66W charging. If you see all that, it is a great phone. And definitely at number 3. 



Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE will provide 4+5 years of updates. The 4 years of major updates & 5 years of security updates from Samsung make it a future-proof phone. And all the other things are there in that.

A good camera and a 4500mAh battery. And interestingly, it is cheaper on Samsung’s website. It is a little costlier on Flipkart. You’ll find it cheaper if you buy it from Samsung’s website.


This S21 FE has wireless charging and IP certification. So, it is a near flagship phone. In the price range of ₹34,999 with 8GB/128GB, I think this is one of the better phones out there. It is one of the best phone under 40000.


OnePlus 11R


Again, in 2023, OnePlus is reinventing itself, And the OnePlus 11 is the flagship. OnePlus 11R is more value-for-money than that phone. It is great and has Oxygen OS. It also gives 4 years of major and 5 years of security updates.


It has 100W charging & 5000mAh battery. It has a great 6.74″ AMOLED 120Hz display. It has an 8+ Gen 1 processor. It has good cameras. 


I won’t say it is out-n-out great. The primary sensor in the OnePlus 11 and 11R with OIS is the same as 50MP. So, I mean, it’s a no-brainer, and it is finally OnePlus. And OnePlus is a good brand, too.


So, the OnePlus 11R is a performance-oriented, smooth, decent camera smartphone. The price for its 8GB/128GB variant is ₹39,999. For that price, you’re getting a lot of phones. and one of the best phones under 40000. So, the OnePlus 11R is number 1 on our list.




  • Which is the best smartphone in India under 40000?
The Best phone in India under 40000 is Moto Edge 30 Fusion, Vivo V27, Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, and OnePlus 11R.
  • Which is the best smartphone under 40000?
The Best phone under 40000 is Moto Edge 30 Fusion, Vivo V27, Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, and OnePlus 11R.
  • Which is the best smartphone under 40000 for long-lasting?
The Best Smartphone under 40000 for Long-lasting is Moto Edge 30 Fusion, Vivo V27, Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, and OnePlus 11R.
  • Which smartphone is best to buy under 40000?
The Best Smartphone best to buy under 40000 is Moto Edge 30 Fusion, Vivo V27, Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, and OnePlus 11R.


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