Angel 65 Keyboard | 65 Keyboard Layout – 65 Keyboard

The Angel 65 Keyboard has a Cable car Design; it Previously ran the successful Prophet 60 keyboard. It is a pin-mount seamless 65% keyboard kit.

Angel 65 Keyboard | 65 Keyboard Layout - 65 Keyboard
Angel 65 Keyboard | 65 Keyboard Layout – 65 Keyboard


Angel 65 Keyboard


  • Prophet design Language, with a consistent sound profile and type feel
  • 6° typing angle
  • The top is available in Winkey and WKL
  • Aluminum case
  • “Pin mount” mounting style:
    • No pressure from the top half of the Case is on the plate. There are 4 pins in the corners of the base that hold the plate in place, and it rests on the lip of the base. The theory is that the lack of downward pressure allows the plate more freedom of movement toward the center while still retaining an even pressure around the edge of the board
  • PCB – Designed by Westfoxtrot, finished in matte black
  • Plate – ANSI Full layout, Polypropylene (White)


  • E Black
  • E White
  • Anodized Aluminum

What’s included in Box

  • 1× Top [Winkey or WKL]
  • 1× PCB [Solderable, Not Hotswap]
  • 1× Bottom
  • 1× Plate [ANSI Full / Polypropylene]
  • 1× Carrying Case


  • How to screenshot on 60 keyboards?
Hold down the “Fn” key and press the “Print Screen” key to snap a screenshot on a 60% keyboard. This will save an image of the entire screen to your clipboard. The snapshot can then be pasted into a document or picture editing software.
  • Is a keyboard input or output?

A keyboard is an example of an input device. It lets you type letters, numbers, or symbols into a computer or device to enter data. This device processes the information you type and outputs it in various formats, such as text on a screen or sound through speakers.

  • How to square root symbol on 60 keyboard?

Because it is not a commonly used symbol in everyday typing, the square root symbol (√) is not typically included on a 60% keyboard. The square root sign, on the other hand, can be typed using the Alt code (Alt+251) or copied and pasted from a website or document.

  • How to use function keys on 60 keyboards?
To use a function key (F1-F12) on a 60% keyboard, hold the “Fn” key and press it. These include changing the volume, brightness, and opening programs, but they differ depending on the device and software used.
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