Top 5 Best 5G Smartphones Under 25000 Budget (Feb 2023)

If you need or looking for the best smartphones under 25000. We tell you about that. But remember one thing which we always tell you and it’s really important. Whatever we recommend, we take it very very seriously.

We look at every detail of the smartphone. Whether it is hardware, whether it is software, what is the processor, what is the camera. We actually test that and you know that we test all the phones. And only after that, we recommend it to you.

Best 5G Smartphones Under 25000

By the way, we have criteria and minimum benchmarks. For example, if the phone is under 25000 then our minimum benchmark is that 5G should be there.

Yes, it is important, even if you are spending 25000 you have to have 5G Bands in that phone. If the fast refresh rate is 90Hz/120Hz recommended. In the performance, there should be a processor that has a minimum AnTuTu score of 4.5 to 5 lacks.

So, Dimensity 1080 or Snapdragon 778 should be there. A minimum of 6GB RAM & 128GB storage should be there. Minimum. 

Even under ₹25,000. And before telling the list, let me say one thing. Sometimes, it feels like these phones can also come under ₹25,000 so why can’t other brands launch them?


6. Samsung Galaxy M53

Samsung Galaxy M53
Best 5G Smartphones Under 25000

I am going to tell 6 phones on the 6th we say Samsung Galaxy M53 5G in this smartphone we not going to see Dimensity 1080 or Snapdragon 778. In Samsung Galaxy M53 we see Dimensity 900. we consider this one because so many people look for Samsung devices that have their UI of the device at the price of 23,998 Rs.

Talking about specifications it has a 6.7″ FHD+120Hz display and 5000MAH Battery with 25w of fast charging, In the camera, it comes with 108MP+8MP+2MP+2MP and in front, we see a 32MP selfie camera. which is very good.  

In the performance, it has a Dimensity 900 which is a 5G processor and supports 12 5G Band with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage. on the OS is OneUI and out of the box we get an Android 12 which is ok.



5. Moto Edge 30 

Moto Edge 30
Best 5G Smartphones Under 25000

On the 5th we have Moto Edge 30. Yes, we know it’s an old device but at this time its price is 22,999 Rs. I want to tell you this the AMOLED display of Moto Edge is great. and if you looking for slim and lightweight devices then definitely look for the Moto Edge 30.

And look for a clean UI then this one is for you. It has Snapdragon 778+, 6GB+128GB. In this device I find only this thing negative it has a low battery and comes with a 4020mah battery and 33w fast charging. 

The camera is good and comes with 50MP+50MP+2MP and in the front, we have a 32MP front selfie camera so in the camera no problems. 


4. iQOO 7 5G

iQOO 7 5G


On the 4th we have iQOO 7 5G. In terms of Specifications, it is a performance-type smartphone. It has a 6.62″ FHD+ 120Hz AMOLED Display which is very good and it comes with snapdragon 870, so in the performance, it is definitely great. 

We get the variant of 8GB RAM and 128GB storage at the price of 24,990 Rs. It has Funtouch OS some are like it and some are not, a 4400mah battery with 66w Flash charge in the performance vise is excellent. and it also has an in-display fingerprint sensor. 

we decide overall device, but some like the OneUI, and some like clean UI then go for Motorola. Or if you need performance or 5G then go with iQOO 7 5G could be number one on your list. so buy a device that is suitable for you. 


3. Realme 10 Pro Plus 5G

Realme 10 Pro Plus 5G
Best 5G Smartphones Under 25000


In our list on the 3rd, we have Realme 10 Pro Plus which was launched recently. It has a 6.7″ FHD+ Curved 120Hz Display, 6GB RAM, and 128GB Storage, and in battery, we see a 5000mah battery with 67W Fast charging and an in-display fingerprint sensor. 

Comes with a Dimensity 1080 processor, has a 108MP+8MP+2MP rear camera, and front we have a 16MP front selfie camera at the price point of 24,499 Rs. In the OS it has realmeUI 4.0 and out of the box, we get Android 13 which is good.


2. Redmi K50i

Realme 10 Pro Plus 5G
Best 5G Smartphones Under 25000


If you want a gaming and performance smartphone at the price point of ₹25,000 then definitely look for the 2nd on the list. Redmi K50i, is a really good smartphone under the price point of 25,000 Rs. It has a 6.6″ FHD+ 144Hz refresh rate but it does not have AMOLED that why it is 2nd on our list.

In performance, it has Dimensity 8100 which is based on 5nm technology with excellent performance, 6GB+128GB at the price of 23,999 Rs. 5000MAH Battery and 67w fast charging which is based on Android 12. 

After looking at everything it is a gaming phone with a 144Hz IPS LCD display, looking for gaming then go with Redmi K50i.


1. Poco X5 Pro 

Poco X5 Pro
Best 5G Smartphones Under 25000


On the 1st we have the Poco X5 Pro and one more device Redmi Note 12 Pro which is at the price point of 24,999 Rs. whereas the Poco X5 Pro comes at the price of 22,999. so on our list first is Poco X5 Pro. 

We look at the overall performance and experience of the smartphone, if you want a camera with some extra features can go with Redmi Note 12 pro. The Specifications of the Poco X5 Pro and Redmi Note 12 Pro are quite similar. 

Two of the devices come with a 6.7″ FHD+ 120Hz Refresh rate, snapdragon 778G which is based on 6nm technology, 6GB+128GB, 5000MAH battery 67w of fast charging. These two devices come at first but according to the price we consider Poco X5 Pro.


  • Which Phone Should I Buy for 25K?
There are so many options available at this price point. The top 5 Best 5G Smartphones Under ₹25000 Budget in Feb 2023 are Moto Edge 30, iQOO 7 5G, Realme 10 Pro Plus 5G, Redmi K50i, Poco X5 Pro, and Redmi Note 12 Pro.
  • Which is the fastest smartphone in 25K?
The fastest Smartphone at the price point of 25k is Poco X5 Pro, Redmi Note 12 Pro, Realme 10 Pro Plus, iQOO 7 5G, and  Redmi K50i.
  • Which is the most efficient 5G Processor?
The most efficient 5G processors are Dimensity 1080 or Snapdragon 778. The smartphones that come with these processors are Redmi Note 12 Pro, Realme 10 Pro, and Poco X5 Pro.
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