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Realme 10 Pro Plus. The number series has been launched. We haven’t seen many Realme phones in 2022. But this is their most popular series, the number series. And it gives a fight to the Redmi Note series. So, both of them were launched in December. It’ll be a very interesting fight over the years.

Let’s see how much plus this Plus & how much minus it is. How much is the upgrade in comparison to 9 Pro Plus?

Realme 10 Pro Plus 5G

Realme 10 Pro Plus Box Conent

In Box we get Documentation. SIM card tool. A grey case of which I’ll say the quality is It means, why are the sides shorter? not all that great quality. Light, it is absolutely light. There is an 80W charger. And USB type-C to type-A cable.

Realme 10 Pro Plus Design

Let’s talk about the phone. That’s what’s important. But there’s one thing. The bigger boxes are good. Nowadays, the boxes are very small.

Because it sure has a curved display as they said in every advertising campaign. Shiny shiny shiny. If I talk about the 9 Pro Plus, that was shiny, too, but its design was a little different, it was curved.

This one, I don’t know what this design is all about but looks great. There are some rays coming from the 2 camera modules. According to me, this is a polarizing design. Some will like this very much. There are a lot of colors. Grey on the bottom & bluish on the top. You’ll see different colors when the sunlight falls.

So, this is definitely going to stand out, that’s what I’ll say. And that curved display also looks good. The phone is very thin & surprisingly light. It’s very light.

Weight – According to me, it should be around 175g. Yeah, I don’t know how it is 175g because it has a 5000mAh battery but it seems very light. but it is 176.9g.

I mean, seriously, with a 5000mAh battery. Remember in 9 Pro Plus, it was 4500mAh & I think it was about 185g. This one is 176.9g.

Realme 10 Pro Plus Ports & Buttons

The one thing which I feel is missing from the ports & buttons which I’m not happy about. I cannot find the 3.5mm jack. The fingerprint sensor is in-built & not side-mounted. No FPS.

So, that is good, it’s an AMOLED display, obviously. At the bottom, there is a SIM card tray which is hybrid. Would it have a hybrid?

So, this one doesn’t come with an SD card slot. This is normal, you can use 2 SIM cards. This is a 5G phone. We’ll talk about the 2 SIM cards. There’s something very interesting.

We’ve seen the outside but the back of the 9 Pro Plus was glass. This one has a plastic back. Many fingerprints are going to come, that’s for sure. And it is shiny, shiny. Yes, that legacy of Realme 9 Pro Plus has been carried forward.

This one was also shiny & flashy. This one is the same. But the design is a little different. 10 Pro Plus is thinner. 9 Pro Plus was actually thicker. This one is quite thin.

Realme 10 Pro Plus Display

Talking about the display. this display Again, it’s a curved display. Side bezels are, literally, I’ll say, bezel-less. The top bezel is really thin, too. The chin is also very very small.

So, I’ll call it an immersive display. It is a big display with a 6.7” screen, AMOLED display, 120Hz with HDR 10 support & 360Hz Touch Sampling rate. On the matter of brightness, it is 950 nits which is a little less. But I’ll tell you what, it isn’t a Samsung OLED panel. But whichever panel it is, the quality & colors are really good.

Definitely, I’ll say that from the front, it looks really modern. There’s another peculiar thing about the display which I really liked. It is TÜV Rheinland certified with a Flicker-free display.

Generally, it happens that when you minimize the brightness in an AMOLED display, there is a flicker that irritates the eye. But not with this one.

This is the 9 Pro Plus, it also has an AMOLED display. We’ll reduce both of their brightness. When you reduce the display’s brightness, flickers start to appear. You might see the flickers on the left.

Whereas this one does not have any flickers. Can you see that? This is a huge thing. Normally, our eyes can’t see those flickers. But due to that, we have had problems for a while. So, this is a good display. Alright, the display sure is good & that’s a plus, definitely.

Realme 10 Pro Plus Specifications

Let’s talk about the specifications. It comes on the Dimensity 1080 processor which we’ve seen in some 2-3 phones of the Redmi Note series. The AnTuTu score is between 5.1 Lakh and 5.2 Lakh which is very very good.

Storage variant – In fact, the base variant is 8GB RAM 128GB storage and the top one is 8GB RAM 256GB storage. There isn’t a 6GB RAM 128GB storage variant.

Realme 10 Pro Plus Performance

So, on the matter of performance, I’ll say, it’s quite good. In fact, in normal performance, you absolutely won’t have any problem. You can multitask easily.

If you want to do heavy gaming, like COD mobile, then you can play it on medium-high settings. We played games, and we got 40-60fps which I think was quite good.

The gaming was quite smooth. If I benchmark 1080 over the 920, there isn’t much difference. In fact, the clock speed has increased a little.

The Dimensity 920 was clocked at 2.5GHz, this one is clocked at 2.6GHz. LPDDR4X is the RAM type & UFS 2.2 is the storage type. If it was LPDDR5 then it’d be good but it’s okay, it’s not bad. What was last year, it’s still the same.

Realme 10 Pro Plus Battery

Talking about the battery, it’s a 5000mAh battery & with 67W fast charging. Yes, in the box, there was an 80W charger but this supports 67W.

The 9 Pro Plus had 60W so they’ve increased by 7W. Not much. But the battery capacity has increased from 4500mAh to 5000mAh. And 0-100% in about 47-48 minutes.

Realme 10 Pro Plus Connectivity

One thing I really liked which I said at the start is the 2 SIMs. Yes, it is 5G and supports 11 bands. It has DSDS. It means 5G runs on both SIMs. If you have one Airtel & one Jio SIM, you can enjoy 5G on both of them. In fact, this is 5G & it runs 5G out-of-the-box.

We put the 5G SIM card in this & check it out. Realme has claimed that it supports 5G out-of-the-box. They have tested that out with Telcos. We put it to the test. 5G is showing. we’ve tested it and We get 800-900MB. But yes, out-of-the-box it is 5G-ready.

And the remaining connectivity is good, too, because Wi-Fi 6 is present. Bluetooth 5.2 is supported, carrier aggregation is there, and Dual 4G VoLTE & Wi-Fi calling are supported, too. So, everything in connectivity is flagship level.

What more do you want? But NFC is not there if you were thinking.

Realme 10 Pro Plus Multimedia

Talking about multimedia. The display is good, there are stereo speakers grills on the top & bottom. And the quality of the audio is also very good. So, definitely, you’re going to enjoy multimedia with this good-quality video & audio.

If we’re talking about multimedia, let me tell you there is support for Widevine L1. This display supports HDR but when we saw Netflix, that wasn’t there. So, it must be a problem of white-listing.

We also played YouTube. We could see the HDR but it was choppy. So, it works sometimes. Sometimes not. So, it might improve with the software update but yes, HDR is there.

Realme 10 Pro Plus Sensors

Talking about the sensors, all the sensors are present, In-display fingerprint sensor & face unlock is present and they work very well.

Realme 10 Pro Plus 5G

Realme 10 Pro Plus OS

One thing that doesn’t work that well, it’s a mixed bag, is OS. let me tell you, it has gone from bad to worse. The good thing is that you get Android 13 out-of-the-box & top of that realme UI 4.0 is there. In fact, it might be the first phone that is giving Android 13 out-of-the-box. You get that in Pro & Pro Plus.

One thing I forgot to mention it also has virtual RAM of 8GB. One thing that they introduced that I didn’t like. Recommendations. Basically a type of ad. From the point of setting up your phone, they ask you to install many apps.

The apps are useless & we don’t need to install them. But it always gives alerts like “please install this”, etc., from their Play Store. It gets very irritating.

The novice/new users might say ok let’s do it once & they’ll fall for it. But I’m saying those recommendations are very irritating. The feel of Android 13 was lost because of this.

Realme 10 Pro Plus Features

Talking about the other feature, then surprisingly, they haven’t said anything about Gorilla Glass protection. So, I assume that there is no Gorilla Glass protection.

The back is plastic. So, that’s not there. IP certification is not there. The notification light is not there. FM Radio is not there & SAR value is within limits. Obviously, it should be otherwise you can’t launch the phone.

Realme 10 Pro Plus Camera

Let’s talk about the camera. It looks like there are 2 cameras but it is a triple-camera setup. 108MP + 8MP + 2MP. The 108MP is Samsung’s HM6 sensor. Remember, last year, in Pro Plus, you got an IMX 766 processor, not a processor, or sensor.

That was good & mature and I’ll say if that still was 50MP, that’d be good. It’s not that the 108MP is not good. I think 50MP still wins over this particular sensor.

The picture quality is good. In fact, the dynamic range which generally is of realme phones, it’s that only. Overall, it is quite good.

The ultrawide of 8MP is okay, too. You get a 16MP selfie sensor in the front. All those are good, I’m not saying they’re bad. But SONY’s sensor would have been better. That had OIS, too, but this one doesn’t have one.

Since it doesn’t have OIS, it struggles a little in low light, definitely. there is 960fps slow-motion. It’s good. If you have enough light, you can take those slow-motion. You can shoot 1080p at 60fps in EIS. You don’t have OIS but you have EIS up to 1080p 60fps. And if you want to shoot videos, there’s a limit of 4K 30fps.

Realme 10 Pro Plus Price in India

The pricing of realme 10 Pro Plus will be starting from 24,999rs for the 6GB+128GB variant and for the 8GB+256GB variant the price is 27,999Rs.


  • What will be the price of Realme 10 Pro Plus?

The pricing of realme 10 pro plus will be starting from 24,999rs for the 6GB+128GB variant and for the 8GB+256GB variant the price is 27,999Rs.

  • Does Realme 10 Pro Plus have Wireless Charging?

No, Realme 10 Pro Plus does not support Wireless Charging.

  • Is Realme 10 Pro Plus Good for Gaming?

If you want to do heavy gaming, like COD mobile, then you can play it on medium-high settings. We played games, and we got 40-60fps which I think was quite good.

The gaming was quite smooth. If I benchmark 1080 over the 920, there isn’t much difference. In fact, just the clock speed has increased a little.

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