Realme 10 Pro 5G is Very Good and Very Bad | Realme 10 Pro AnTuTu score

Realme 10 Pro launch in India. If I compare it with the realme 9 Pro, there aren’t many differences but there are some. Externally, there are changes but internally there aren’t many.

Yes, we’re going to give full specifications and details features of realme 10 Pro. so let’s start with the box content.

Realme 10 Pro AnTuTu score
Realme 10 Pro 5G

Realme 10 Pro Box Content

Black. Yellow Box. Dare to leap? No, that’s why we’re doing this in sitting. We don’t want to leap. What is on the phone? How much leap does the phone do? We’ve to see that.

Documentation & SIM card tool. And there’s a grey case. Interestingly, Pro Plus had a curved display but this has flat sides. Look at this.

Realme phones always look good in the hand. Their in-hand feel is really nice. Then you have this 33W charger. Yes, there’s a 33W charger. And a USB type-A to the type-C charging cable. That’s about it & nothing else in the box.

Realme 10 Pro Ports & Buttons

It’s flat & doesn’t have a curved display but has a scratch guard. The sides are flat & it seems to have a side-mounted fingerprint sensor.

It has a USB type-C & 3.5mm jack. stereo speakers? It is there but the speakers are not at the top only at the bottom.

There’s a noise-canceling microphone & on the side, there’s a SIM card tray. this is a hybrid SIM card slot. So, with 2 SIM cards or 1 SD card & 1 SIM card slot, you can use it like that.

By the way, we have to test the 5G. So, we going to put this SIM card, By the way, there is a 3.5mm jack in this but not in the Pro Plus.

Realme 10 Pro In Hand Feel

Talking about the in-hand feel, it feels very good. On the matter of weight, it does feel light. It must be around 178-180g.

By the way, there is a 5000mAh battery but it’s a 191.7g. I was totally wrong. I thought it would be 180g. Pro Plus is 177g, it’s lighter. This one is 191.7g, nearly 192g.

The in-hand feel is quite good, and the weight doesn’t seem that much of the phone. So, good job realme there. Its weight is really balanced, so nice.

Realme 10 Pro Build Quality

If I see the realme 9 Pro. So, there are many differences in design. It was curved at the sides, and the design was shiny. It’s not very shiny. In fact, it is not at all shiny. It has a matte finish. In fact, it looks quite good.

I really like this, the sides, back & front are all flat. And it looks good. It looks like a premium phone.

When light falls on it, many different colors are visible. So, that is also not bad. If I compare it with Pro Plus, I like its design.

One thing I didn’t like in Realme 10 Pro is that they made a triple camera to a dual camera. 9 Pro had 3 cameras but this one only has 2 cameras. And Ultrawide is not there. 108MP & 2MP. What’s this?

Realme 10 Pro Display

A big display of 6.7″ IPS LCD with 120Hz fast refresh rate. One thing that really, really, really stands out. It’s bezels, They are just 1mm thick.

The Pro Plus had close to 3mm bezels. The top bezels of this phone are only 1mm. Even though the chin is thin, the sides & top bezel are too.

The IPS LCD display is quite bright. I don’t know how much is the brightness but it must be at least 500-600nits. It is quite bright. Its screen-to-body ratio is over 93%.

What is its price range, The pricing starts from Rs18,999 for 6GB and 8GB for Rs19,999.

We have 8GB RAM and 128GB storage. There are two variants, 6GB RAM 128GB storage & 8GB RAM 128GB storage.

If the 6GB RAM 128GB storage variant comes at ₹18,999, that display is phenomenal. Even though, it’s not AMOLED then also I’ll say it’s really good.

realme 10 pro pros and cons
Realme 10 Pro 5G

Realme 10 Pro Specifications

Talking about the specifications, it comes on the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 695. Pro Plus comes on Dimensity 1080. This one comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 processor. which has come on many phones in the last 1-1.5 years.

It’s tried & tested. Talking its AnTuTu score is around 4.15 or 4.2 Lakh. Which is decent. While playing normal games, you won’t have problems.

If you play heavy games like PUBG or COD, you can do that on medium-high settings. And you’ll get a speed of 40fps so you won’t have any problems.

Overall, the performance is quite good. If I talk about the RAM type, it is LPDDR4X. & UFS 2.2 is the storage type. It has a 5000mAh battery with 33W charging. It remains the same as Realme 9 Pro.

Realme 10 Pro OS

OS. is Very good & very bad. You’re getting Android 13 out of the box. Realme UI 4.0 which is based on Android 13 out-of-the-box.

So, that is a big thumbs up. A big thumbs down is ads, bloatware, and recommendations. Every step of the way. When you open the phone, even during setup it’ll ask a thousand times do you want to install this app, that app, this recommendation, that recommendation.

If you scroll in the app drawer, you know, there is no skip option. It’ll show you recommendations 3-4 times, when you open it for the 4th time only then you can skip it.

So, it’s very irritating. Do you know why I think realme did this? When you get irritated, you’ll get the recommendations, that’s what I think.

That must be why realme did this. But it really, really spoils the user experience, I’ll definitely say that.

Realme 10 Pro Connectivity

Talking about connectivity, the 695 is a 5G processor. There are 7 bands supported but don’t worry Jio & Airtel are definitely included.

In fact, we’ll put the Jio 5G SIM in this. And we get the speed of 1.1GBps, that is absolutely crazy, look!

The upload speed is only 50MBps but the download speed is 1GBps. But remember that if you do these tests, 400-500MB will get wasted like that. Remember that.

Realme 10 Pro Sensor

Talking about sensors, all the sensors are present. Side-mounted fingerprint & face unlock are there. They work very well. Absolutely no problems.

Connectivity includes 5G with 7 bands, Dual Band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.1, Dual 4G VoLTE, and Wi-Fi Calling.

By the way, realme hasn’t said anything about protection. If they haven’t told, it means there is no protection. The back is plastic. So, that should not be a problem. There should have been some protection, at least of Gorilla Glass 3.

There are no notification lights, and no FM radio, the SAR value is within limits. Widevine L1 is supported but there is no support for HDR and no IP certification.

realme 10 pro camera sensor name

Realme 10 Pro Camera

let’s talk about the camera. The primary camera of 108MP & that’s it. There is a secondary sensor but it is 2MP which I don’t think is of use. the ultrawide sensor is going to be removed from the mid-range phones & that is happening.

Realme 10 Pro doesn’t have an ultrawide sensor. In the front, you get a 16MP sensor. The 108MP sensor is of Samsung HM6 which is okay.

Overall, the dynamic range of Realme phones is good. The HDR is good. But that’s what I’m saying is that ultrawide should be there. I mean you’re paying ₹19k-20k, you should at least get an 8MP ultrawide.

If you want ultrawide, you should look at the Pro Plus. Due to 108MP, you can click 108MP native photos. The 16MP selfie sensor clicks good selfie photos, and the skin tones are quite good.

Realme 10 Pro Multimedia

Talking about multimedia, the display is okay. The viewing angles are quite good even though it is an IPS LCD display. The display angles are good.

You know, this is a really lovely display with very thin bezels. Immersive display, I’ll say. The audio is good, too, since there are stereo speakers.

The top one is not a separate grill but built-in in the earpiece and then you also have another grill at the bottom. So, overall, I’ll say the multimedia is really good.

So, if I talk about the realme 10 Pro, it’s not a big upgrade. The display is definitely very good. I liked that. But other than that, design & display are the only two things which stood out.

Otherwise, there aren’t many differences between realme 9 Pro & 10 Pro. What will be the price of the Realme 10 Pro? That’ll be important.


  • Does Realme 10 Pro Support 5G?

It comes on the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 which is a 5G processor. There are 7 bands supported but don’t worry Jio & Airtel are definitely included.


  • Is Realme 10 Pro 5G Waterproof?

No, Realme 10 Pro 5G Does not support Waterproof.


  • Does Realme 10 Pro 5G have Fingerprint Sensor?

Yes, It has all the sensors are present. Side-mounted fingerprint & face unlock are there. They work very well.

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