Redmi Note 12 comes with Snapdragon 4 Gen 1 | When Redmi Note 12 Date in India

When Redmi Note 12 date in India

According to the official Xiaomi India Website, the launch of the Redmi Note 12 Series on January 05, and we are expecting the launch of these devices Redmi Note 12, Note 12 Pro, and Note 12 Pro Plus. The Redmi Note 12 series already launched in china in the month of October 2022.

Most Redmi fans wait for the note series special in India. Redmi Note 12 is the most popular series. Especially in India. So many phones are sold. Many Indians buy it.

This year’s Redmi Note 12 series has been launched in China. It’ll come to India very soon. we going to give an overview of the Redmi Note 12. One thing which is good this time, there is no 4G.

If you see the Note 11 series, the base variant was 4G. It had Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 processor. But this is also 5G even though it is the base variant. By the way, talking about the other things, it is an upgrade. 90% upgrade, 10% downgrade.

The camera is a little downgraded. But the other things have a big, big, big upgrade. And we are very happy about it.

When Redmi note 12 Date in India


Redmi Note 12 Box Contents

In Box, we get the SIM card tool, Case, and documentation. The case is a clear TPU case & its quality is decent. The charger is 33W. That’s an upgrade there. a 33W charger, and a USB type-C to type-C cable. this is all we get in the Box.

Redmi Note 12 Design

The same design. I mean it’s a very traditional design it’s okay if you don’t like the flashy design then you might like this.

But still, it’s a very traditional design, But one thing is good, there’s a white/silver design and there are 2 camera modules visible. we will call it a single camera. 48MP+2MP. What a joke. Last year, it was 50MP+8MP(ultrawide)+2MP.

The ultrawide was for ₹13,000. I’m talking about Redmi Note 11. This one has 48MP+2MP. Ridiculous. Even the selfie camera, I’ll call it a downgrade.


Redmi Note 12 In Hand Feel

The in-hand feels okay-ish. Slightly on the bigger side. The battery is 5000mAh but the weight doesn’t seem that much. In my opinion, it’ll be about 195g. but it is 188g. The back is plastic & the frame is plastic, too.


Redmi Note 12 Ports & Buttons

Talking about the ports & buttons. On the bottom, is a USB type-C port. There’s a SIM card tray It is a hybrid SIM card slot. It is on the left-hand side. On the top, there is a 3.5mm jack & an IR blaster. So, that is good & there’s a speaker grill, too.

The Speaker grill is not on the top, it’s a noise-canceling microphone. And guys the SIM tray, I hope there is a dedicated SD card slot. By the way, the base variant comes with 4GB RAM & 128GB storage.


Redmi Note 12 Display

If I talk about the display, there is a big upgrade there. And we liked it. One, the display size has moved up from 6.43″ to 6.67″. So, it’s a big display. Along with that, it’s an AMOLED display. Even in the base variant, you get the AMOLED display. And yes, it has got a 120Hz AMOLED display, it was 90Hz last year.

A big thumbs up there. And 1200nits brightness. In the previous model, it was 1000nits but you get 1200nits brightness in this one. In display, there is a very big upgrade.


Redmi Note 12 Specification

Talking about the specifications, it comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 4 Gen 1 processor. Even if it is the 4th number, 4 Gen 1, it is still very close to Qualcomm Snapdragon 695. Yes, it’s quite close.

Its AnTuTu score comes to around 3,60,000. If I compare it with 680 which was in the Redmi Note 11, its score was 2,60,000. So, there is a big jump in performance. The top variant is 8GB RAM & 256GB storage. So, that is good. Regarding the RAM type, it is LPDDR4X & the storage type is UFS 2.2.


When Redmi note 12 Date in India


Redmi Note 12 Price

Again, ₹13k is its price & when converted it is ¥1199 in its China launch. It could be ₹14k but shouldn’t be more than that when launching in India. Remember that, Redmi Note 12 which launched in China, will come by that name in India


Redmi Note 12 Performance

Talk about the performance. The AnTuTu score is good. One thing, when we were trying to download the Google Play Store on it, it crashed since it’s a Chinese variant.

But we tried games on this, you can play games easily on medium-high settings. Especially because of that 120Hz fast refresh rate. It’s really fun. And again, the display is big, too.

The quality of the speakers is also good. You will really enjoy gaming & multimedia. Remember that when the phones are ₹12k-13k, we don’t usually talk about the performance. Don’t say that it’s good in multimedia. But this one is really good.


Redmi Note 12 Connectivity

Talking about connectivity, there is Dual-band Wi-Fi. Their Wi-Fi 6 can’t be expected. The Wi-Fi 6 is in mid-range, at least over ₹20k, phones. This one has Dual-band Wi-Fi. It has 5G but we don’t know about the bands since it is a Chinese variant. When it’ll come to India, we’ll tell you all about it. There’s Bluetooth 5.1 & an IR blaster, too.


Redmi Note 12 OS UI

Talking about the OS, MIUI 13 is present which is based on Android 12. No, not Android 13 but Android 12. Based on that, we had based we had problems with installing the Google Play Store.

When Redmi note 12 Date in India

Redmi Note 12 Features

Talking about some small features, there is a full HD screen, obviously. Widevine L1 will come when it’ll come to India. Here, we aren’t sure about the certifications since it is in China.

It has an IP53 certification, so it’s water & dust-resistant, Not proof just resistant since there’s IP53 certification. Whatever I told you till now were upgrades.


Redmi Note 12 Camera

The camera is a downgrade. We can say that there is a single sensor on the back of the Redmi Note 12. In the front, there’s a downgrade again.  

They’re so-so. Whichever pictures I have seen are average. Yes, this is the Redmi Note 12. there is definitely an upgrade, it is definitely value for money.

Remember that you’re getting an AMOLED display, and 120Hz display, & the performance of the 4 Gen 1 is really good. You also get 5G connectivity.

Despite being a base variant, it has everything. If only there was an ultrawide camera, it’d be good. It seems like there might be a trend in 2022-end & 2023. They’ll remove the ultrawide sensor from budget phones, especially ₹13k-14k. And We don’t like that trend at all.

But this phone? I definitely like it. It should come at ₹13,000, and it’ll definitely be a best seller.




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